Tips for housewife

29.04.2015 739 873

Check out some tips about how to keep you bed clean, fresh and in perfect condition.

Tips for Floor Cleaning

29.04.2015 446 450

Have you ever faced the problem of Laminate Floor Cleaning? Check out the tips that will help you to overcome this issue easily.

How to survive in collage

18.04.2015 1 006 458

This girl will teach you how to survive in collage. She will tell you how to cook simple food, how to make a checklist and many other important things.

Clean your oven racks

13.04.2015 252 002

This tip will make your life easier and your kitchen cleaner. Check this and do not be afraid to repeat at home.

Hands Free Suitcase Life Hack

27.03.2015 223 999

Do you like traveling? Do you always have a lot of staff and not enough hands for it? Here is a decision for you – hands free suitcase life hack.

When You Don't Have the Matchbox

19.03.2015 953 115

Use battery and Gum wrapper to generate fire using the instructions given in this video. Gain this knowledge –not just for today or tomorrow- but maybe on any crucial occasion when you will really need this to happen!


15.02.2015 639 336

This guy lightens the candles like a boss. Check out this master class.

Tricks for Beauty on Your Hair

22.01.2015 1 068 422

To avail the tricks and tips for beautiful hair, watch this video and apply what you have learnt from this. It’s almost 5 tips that make you change your hair-quality and style in no time.

Lazy hairstyles

16.01.2015 1 084 050

If you are a girl and you do not have much time for a nice hairstyle, watch this video and find out how to make some nice lazy ones.

How to Remove a Chewing Gum

06.01.2015 132 631

This video will teach you how to remove a chewing gum from your hair or clothes.

Life Hacks- Battery Trick

20.12.2014 795 744

Watch a tricky tip on how to power ON a Game Boy color (a video game device) if you have two different type of batteries.

Important lifehacks

18.11.2014 564 475

If you do not know how to peal strawberry quickly or how to close the package of chips, this beautiful girl and her friend will show you!

Interesting facts about ramen

27.10.2014 869 287

Find out some interesting facts about ramen, which is one of the most common foods in the world.

"Digital Life" Hacks, for Your Passwords!

15.10.2014 1 178 028

This video will help you to save your personal data.

Easy life

12.10.2014 725 177

Do you know how to cool your computer? Or maybe you need to catch dust from drilling? These and other lifehacks you will find in this video.

How to hack your laminator

23.09.2014 644 103

If you have some free time and a chip laminator, watch this video and find out how to make it better.

How to brew the perfect morning coffee

15.09.2014 43 237

The way you make your coffee can have a huge effect on the way it tastes. Watch this video to learn how to brew the perfect "pick me up" for your Monday mornings.

When It Comes to the Verification of Things Online

13.09.2014 864 641

It’s an awesome and helpful video and it represents valuable information which helps all viewers determine the truth about the prevalence of lie online. Moreover, it highlights the fact differing between fake and real friendship on social networks.

As Easy as It Is Common

02.09.2014 491 107

Watermelon can be a matter of hassle when you eat them. To safeguard your face and nose from getting drenched, you can follow this method in order to present and eat in a convenient style.

How to peel the fruits

13.08.2014 229 174

Peeling fruits is sometimes disturbing. But with this hacks you will cope with this task quickly.

Cleaning Hacks: The Return (Clean My Space)

03.08.2014 686 022

Make cleaning the apartment nice and simple procedure.

Clean kitchen doors easily

22.07.2014 716 989

Do you hate cleaning kitchen doors as we? Sometimes, it can be awfully time consuming work. This lifehack will your life easier.

Mac cheats

04.07.2014 377 888

Here are some clever and simple cheats that will make your Mac usage much easier.

8 Lifehacks in Digital Life

20.06.2014 102 074

As a multitasking millennial, life in the digital age can be complicated. Simplify your situation with easy lifehacks to help keep you organized.

Get Rid of Scuffs in Seconds

07.06.2014 475 323

Housewives have to take this lifehack into service. Forget about painful process of getting rid of scuffs.

Best Simple Tricks

16.05.2014 543 330

Get the simple lifehack ideas that this video describes. Watch 15 handy tips that you can do by yourself on the daily use things.

Add more life to your bouquet

14.05.2014 1 039 699

The girls and housewives MUST watch this video! Did you know that it is so easy to make your bouquet last much longer. It is so simple, just add packet of preservative flower food in the water.

How to Clean the Bottom of a Pot or Pan!

03.05.2014 717 845

Burnt from pans and saucepans can be easily removed using inexpensive improvised.

IPad piano

02.05.2014 845 617

If you have some free time and do not know what to do, try to make a piano from your IPad. Learn how to do it from this video!

Improving your shoes

26.04.2014 396 799

Watch this video and learn how to make your old shoes even more comfortable than new ones.

Lifehacks from Brad

24.04.2014 1 075 118

This video will be useful for those, who often get robbed by food thieves at work. Check out how to keep you sandwich safe and many other useful tips.

Girls should watch

21.04.2014 475 059

This video is for real girls. Here are the life hacks that will make your life easier and more organized. Check it!

Few Tips to Make Use of Your Hands

18.04.2014 726 396

When you are using your Steadicam you can have the help of this video DIY so that the movement of the camera will be smoother and the motion of the captured picture will be finer.

Minute Hacks: How To Lucid Dream

30.02.2014 260 447

After this video you will get the most relaxing sleep.

Get Kids to Start Cleaning

20.02.2014 717 536

How to get help in cleaning the apartment from the kids? Let's see.

New level of cocktail making

15.02.2014 1 045 663

This will take you to a new level of cocktail making. This life hack will make all your friends and family to be awe of your skills.

Get Your Space Cleaned

10.02.2014 444 270

Just enjoy the video first and don’t think about what you have learnt! I bet you will certainly capture what this pretty girl wants to feed you. Terrific knowledge of cleaning the space!

Let's Go for the Extension of the Assignments

09.02.2014 573 488

This short video consists of several instructions showing how to make an extension of an assignment irrespective of the fact that those can be Doc, JPEG, Docx, etc. Watch sharply, follow them, and avail the solution!

How to Make Rainbow Pancakes

18.01.2014 1 120 992

Recipe for making rainbow pancakes for your kids.

Hack Tricks: Google Search

13.01.2014 350 690

Due to Google updates, some of this information may be out of date.

Easy Steps to Capitalize

12.01.2014 1 097 352

Since DIY is probably the best method to get anything done shortly and precisely 6 DIY will encourage you to become self-sufficient; and gain relevant information and techniques.

Minute Hacks: How To Give The Perfect Massage

02.01.2014 344 523

Learn how to make healthy and relaxing massage

How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently Top Travel & Life Hacks

11.11.2013 321 067

This Life Hacks help you to gather on traveling.

MCC Today LifeHacks - Travel Hacks

31.10.2013 75 449

These packing and traveling life hacks will significantly unburden you during your vacations.

Minute Hacks: Cocktails For College Students

25.09.2013 623 657

How to make a delicious cocktail quickly and easily.

5 More Cleaning Hacks!!

25.07.2013 104 611

Cleaning hacks that will make your life easier.

How To Save Your Phone From Water Damage

26.01.2013 323 788

So you dropped your phone in the toilet? First, don't feel bad -- you're in good company. 19% of people drop their phone down the toilet. But as soon as you hear the telltale splash of phone in toilet, fast action will save your phone.

12 Timeless Hacks

21.01.2013 1 442 510

Top 12 Timeless Hacks Everyone Should Know

How To Boost Your Wifi Signal

11.01.2013 286 146

Nothing can cut short a bout of online time-wasting like a dropped Wi-Fi signal. No matter why your reception is subpar -- if you need to boost to your Wi-Fi, you've got plenty of options which don't include dropping money on a new gadget.

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