Ultimate Funny Fails

12.11.2015 586 986

Watch this fail compilation about a girl that did not notice a car and many other funny things.

Mini Golf Fails

27.10.2015 657 287

Even mini can sometimes be traumatic. Be careful when kicking a ball!

Amazing Winter Wins and Fails

16.10.2015 548 883

Here is the most amazing and extreme winter fails and wins. Check them out!

Gym Fails

15.10.2015 163 455

Look at these poeple, they are trully funny. Why don't they go to the hroup classes? In this case, noone will laught at them!

Motorcycle Fails

13.10.2015 745 032

Hashh..motorcycle sport is very impressive for spectators however rather dangerous for sportsmen especially when they are making stunts.

Gym Workout Fails

11.10.2015 583 897

Have you seen this video? No? Then, please watch it! It will make you laugh a lot. It is not good to laugh at people but this is so funny:)

Bike fails

08.10.2015 887 176

Do not try to repeat those tricks. The results can be unpredictable:) Moreover, many poeple will laugh at you and you may become a YouTube star!

Epic Gym Fails

04.10.2015 872 473

This video will extend your life for many years because you will laught a lot! Hope, noone person was hurt.

No pain - no gain

04.10.2015 155 789

Ahah...sometimes we wonder why people go to the gym. They use they equipment not on purpose or they think thay are too cool!

Fails on motorcycle

02.10.2015 563 941

It is not very pleasant to watch the videos with fails of motorcyclists. Some of them are so awful.

Top 5 Girl Skateboarding Fails

29.09.2015 677 333

Watch the top 5 girl skateboarding fails by Angry Tiger.

People's fails

26.09.2015 900 402

Some poeple are super crazy. Or they do not want to think before they do something. Please, be careful and watch this video till the end:)

Various Fails Caught On Camera

06.09.2015 994 063

Enjoy the funny fails caught on camera. Football fails, moto fails and many others.

Gym Stories

03.09.2015 833 548

We can't stop laughting! People are amazing! When you are in the gym, look around and your training may become more interesting:)

Tractor Fail Compilation

02.09.2015 862 082

Here is the funniest ever tractor fail compilation. So crazy. Check it out!

5 Most Embarrassing Fails

27.08.2015 1 058 814

Enjoy the top 5 ultimate embarrassing fails of year 2015 by Angry Tiger 007.

Wedding Failed Dances

19.08.2015 551 799

This video is about weddings failed dances. Check out falling brides, grooms and their friends.

Moto Enduro

16.08.2015 1 140 226

Do you like mud? It seems that these guys do. Or they just like to make sport in the places with mud, they are not afraid of it and feel exciting.

Beautiful and Funny

16.08.2015 277 637

This compilation consists of beautiful and funny videos that go one by one.

Granpa Fails

13.08.2015 636 218

Watch this video about the funniest grandpas ever. They should not pretend they are young.

Funny Zoo

09.08.2015 318 498

Animals in the zoo are bored, so sometimes they like to be closer to the visitors especially to children and play with them.

September 2015 Best Fails

04.08.2015 916 170

September 2015 was very rich for various fails. Enjoy watching them!

Fails 2015

04.08.2015 632 519

Come on..people, why are you so funny? The dog playing a ball with the owner impresses everyone. Do not miss this video!

Funny Reporter’s Profession

03.08.2015 1 156 174

The profession of reporter is sometimes very very funny. Find out why!

Crazy people and their fails

02.08.2015 724 669

When you want a girl to like you, you may try to do something unusual or her to notice you. may turn to fail!

Some Really Funny Fails And Wins

28.07.2015 498 916

Wanna watch some really funny fails and wins? Turn on this video.

Funny Army

11.07.2015 870 481

Army can also be very funny. Watch this video and enjoy various army fails.

Wins and Fails

09.07.2015 338 993

In this video, you can see both wins and fails. Some fails are really funny, but sometimes you may feel sorry for people.

Essential Fails

06.07.2015 445 969

If you want to learn skateboarding, prepare for many fails. They are a must.

Epic Table Dancing

03.07.2015 424 419

If you want to table dance, you should be very careful or can end up like these girls.

Best Skateboarding Fails 2015

30.06.2015 792 911

Some skateboarding fails are obviously painful, but some of them are incredibly silly and funny.

Motorcycle Accidents

29.06.2015 401 268

It is not very pleasant to watch the videos with fails of motorcyclists. Some of them are so awful.

Believe in Your Right in Doing Things, Not in Manufacturing the Result

28.06.2015 848 299

Sometimes, result does not determine your success. All you need to take care for is setting your intention and you will always work for what results in a success!

Twerk Fails

27.06.2015 693 232

These are the best twerk fails compilation ever. You will see girls in a fire and other fails.

January Fails

26.06.2015 1 053 702

The first week of January is perhaps the best time for fails right after New Year.

Epic live fails

23.06.2015 758 828

Some people are afraid of cameras and do not like to give interviews. They can even pour a bucket of water on the person. Check this video!

Crazy Russian Fails

22.06.2015 315 315

This video shows how crazy Russian people are. Some of them can hardly be explained.

Funny Fails

17.06.2015 828 798

Check out this video with a lot of different fail compilations. You will like it!

Funny Girls Failing

08.06.2015 640 743

This compilation is full of girls’ fails. And why they always do something funny?

Unlucky Day

07.06.2015 672 244

This was the unlucky day for Troy DeZeeuw. Unfortunately, he could not perform everything he wanted and had a series of fails.

Some Really Crazy Things

07.06.2015 656 759

Sometimes it is really hard to understand why people do really crazy things.

Stolen Phone And Other Fails

03.06.2015 365 713

Be careful when using your smartphone in the subway. Somebody may steal it.

Oh! It Hurts A Bit More Than What Is the Fun

31.05.2015 988 683

This is an honest piece of funny videos compilation which makes you have a lot of laughter. But, you will, at the same time feel mercy for the victim ones who eventually, make all this funny!

Trying Too Much

31.05.2015 308 619

Sometimes football players are trying too much and the result is in this video.

Best Fails of May 2014

30.05.2015 834 883

Dogs, cats, cars, bicycles, elks and other funny people and animals you will find in this compilation.

Funny Student Fails

27.05.2015 622 633

Check out the funniest student fails by Angry Tiger 007. You will like them!

TV News Fails

23.05.2015 900 845

Even serious TV news can sometimes become really funny. Check out this compilation.

Unexpected Things

17.05.2015 551 166

Sometimes things happen that you do not really expect. For example, a bird can poop on your face.

Sport fails

12.05.2015 262 535

The fails of sportsmen are also not very pleasant to watch because you understand that these people hurt.

Lough With Reporters

11.05.2015 1 002 631

It is time to laugh together with all these reporters that got into funny situations.

Persistent Guy

04.05.2015 336 257

The guy who is trying to use a ski lift is a little bit funny, but still, commands respect for his perseverance.

Unfortunate Thieves

03.05.2015 921 867

All these guys decided to steal something, but their attempts were not successful.

Snowboarding ride

03.05.2015 966 241

The guy wanted to capture his cool ride on the snowboard, however it was not successfully from the beginning:)

Fynny Fails

01.05.2015 954 129

Ohh..some fails seems to be very painful. However it is super funny to watch them sitting in front of computer! Do not try to repeat those fails.

Pedestrian Crossing And Other Funny Stories

26.04.2015 1 082 284

Do not stop on the pedestrian crossing, or people can step on your car.

Winter sports fails

26.04.2015 879 810

Winter sports especially snowboarding is so exciting, however you may face many fails while mastering your skills.

Impudent Monkeys And Other Funny Things

25.04.2015 979 401

Watch this video till the end and you will find impudent monkeys stealing bananas.

Smoking Bird And Other Fails

23.04.2015 535 856

Watch this video about blind frogs, crazy racers, funny dogs, smoking birds and many other fails.

Traumatic Skateboarding

13.04.2015 830 588

Skateboarding is cool and spectacular. However, it can be painful and traumatic. Be careful!

Amazing Animals

12.04.2015 261 086

These animals are amazing! Check out all these funny cats, dogs, frogs and others.

Jumping into Mudd

11.04.2015 827 242

Ahaha..this guy wanted to jump into the swimming pool..however he jumped into puddle of Mudd.

A Lot of Fails

10.04.2015 442 550

Enjoy this 7-minute fail compilation about kids, skateboarding, jumps, and many other things.

Cheerleaders fails

08.04.2015 658 564

When we think about cheerleaders, we usually imagine nice girls that perform great dances. However, even they may fail. Check their fails.

Two excavators

05.04.2015 561 592

This is something really strange! One excavator is helping another one to ‘recover’! Check it out!

Car Fails

03.04.2015 802 183

It is especially sad when you fail while driving your car, which is really expensive.

Weather Show Dog And Others

03.04.2015 669 314

Check out the weather show dog and other cool videos in this compilation.

Best Fails My Fail Army

03.04.2015 740 112

Drunken guys, BMXers and many other fails you will find in this video. Enjoy!

Funny Sports

30.03.2015 938 910

Bikes, bicycles, skates – they all are fun. However, they are even funnier when something extraordinary happens.

Fail Compilation By Fallen Joker

25.03.2015 1 009 309

Check out this fail compilation video by Fallen Joker. You will enjoy all of these fails!

Barking Guy and Other Fails

24.03.2015 449 289

Check out the barking guy, funny monkey, kid and cat, and many other fails.

Tractor Fails

21.03.2015 284 710

Check out the best tractor fails compilation of June 2015. Looks really funny!

Fail on skateboard

21.03.2015 645 012

Not all of the trucks are successful, especially at the beginning of your way. The main things is that you should never give up!

Dangerous Driving

20.03.2015 1 177 447

Driving is not always safe. Sometimes really bad things happen. Be careful while driving!

Skateboarding Fails From All Over The World

17.03.2015 730 885

The author of this video combined skateboarding fails from all over the world.

Funny reporters

13.03.2015 828 697

Being a good reporter is a very hard job. Sometimes you cannot control everything and funny things occur. Check out the compilation of these funny moments!

Keep Laughing

12.03.2015 1 151 892

The author if this compilation worked hard to make every next fail better than previous one. Keep laughing.

Various Fails

11.03.2015 1 241 773

Watch this fail compilation and enjoy! Some of the fails are cruel, but most of them are really funny!

Motocross fails

08.03.2015 889 860

Riding a motocross bike is dangerous and hard. However, funny accidents happen quite often. Watch the compilation of such accidents and enjoy.

Fails during news

05.03.2015 432 262

Ahaha...look at the compilation of new fails. News mostly broadcast in live so this is impossible to predict things like these:)

Rhythm and Sound to Show the Right Thing

04.03.2015 1 198 738

This has been designed well showing the right expression for the right sound of some relevant incidents. After all, the music has been composed well according to the actor’s movements.

Funny girls and nothing more

27.02.2015 605 649

There are so many videos with girls that fail..Actually, it looks so funny. Why the girls are so funny?

Strong Will

23.02.2015 995 910

This guy has a strong will. Despite all his fails, he continues skateboarding.

Crazy Traffic In Russia

22.02.2015 930 333

This video is about stupid Russian drivers, crazy pedestrians and other funny things.

Home Trick

21.02.2015 512 838

Do not try to repeat professional tricks at home or you will end up like this boy!

All Is Pleasant in a Wedding

20.02.2015 713 019

Anything related to wedding should be a pleasure, however something can make you worry when it exceeds the limit of expectation. However, you should try it as a part of joy especially when it’s the wedding!

Insane Compilation

18.02.2015 498 314

Check out this video for insane jumps, crazy people and other funny things.

Sports Fail Compilation 2014

16.02.2015 661 410

Here are the best funny moments of sport fails compilation of 2014. Some will make you laugh, while some might scare you.

Idiotic Fails

15.02.2015 692 208

Sometimes people are so unpredictable and crazy. Here, you can see the compilation of videos with fails of such people.

Stupid fails

14.02.2015 932 471

These are very stupid fails.. Sometimes people are so irresponsible. They play with life.

Strange Visitors of the Gym

11.02.2015 1 085 979

You can find something funny everywhere. For example, it can be gym.

Have a Fun afterall Whatever It Takes

11.02.2015 826 214

If there is fun, it doesn’t matter whether you fail or win. After all, if you are serious and know about the inevitability of success you can do with this for fun at anywhere.

Fails in the winter

07.02.2015 940 290

Watch the video with the compilation od fails ob ski and snowboard. Be careful while riding!

Stunt Fails Compilation

07.02.2015 267 008

It is such a pity when you cannot perform a stunt that you have been preparing a long time.

Be Careful While Riding A Bike

07.02.2015 476 182

A lot of fails happens while riding a bike. Be careful if you do not want to get into the similar compilation.

Unsuccessful Skateboarding Jumps

05.02.2015 349 686

Most of skateboarding jumps are unsuccessful. Here is a compilation of them.

The Best Fails of the Latest Ones

03.02.2015 674 917

Fails happens so often that you will not have enough time to watch them all. Here are the best of the latest ones.

Best Fails Of July 2014

02.02.2015 443 160

Check out the best fails of July 2014 in this ultimate fail compilation.

Fail from The Begining If You Really Want to Fail

01.02.2015 961 559

We don’t consider these incidents as the instances of failure because we got a lot of fun with them! Are they premeditated? The answer is “No”.

Skateboarding Fails

30.01.2015 872 231

Fails occur sometimes. No matter what you do, you can make a mistake. And there is nothing bad in it. Only those people, who do not do anything, do not make mistakes.

Best Freestyle Scootering Fails

29.01.2015 1 150 980

This is the compilation of the best freestyle scootering fails you can find in the internet.

Gym Fails Compilation

27.01.2015 1 024 158

3..2..1..Fail! Watch the video with fails in the gym. This video will make you laugh a lot! And be careful in the gym!

Fails that hurt

27.01.2015 797 714

Sometimes, it hurts when you see someone fails. This happens in this video as well.

When Things Go Wrong

26.01.2015 1 268 973

Sometimes things go not like you planned. For example, you may hit a person with a golf ball while playing, or throw out the garbage instead of gathering it. For these and other fails watch the video.

Cheer Up

23.01.2015 1 124 366

If you have a bad mood, this video is exactly what you need to cheer up!

People Going for an Unavoidable Result

22.01.2015 502 614

Well, it’s not your fault; it was inevitable to happen. Don’t cry for this, even if you are hurt. But, don’t consider getting entertained with it unless you get the realization about how it hurt you!

Faceplant Fails

21.01.2015 1 374 369

Watch your face when doing something crazy. Do not repeat after these guys.

Funny Animals

18.01.2015 616 626

If you are in a bad mood, this video will definitely cheer you up!

October Week 2 Fails

17.01.2015 555 433

Watch this compilation of the best fails of the second week of October, 2012.

Girls can also fail

17.01.2015 269 587

Girls can also fail and usually their fails are so funny. This video is a proof of this.

March Fails

15.01.2015 462 984

This compilation contains the best fails of the first week of March 2015. Check them out!

Fun And Pain

14.01.2015 640 192

Some of these fails are funny, while others are cruel. It is not really funny when people hurt themselves.

Cats, Ice Bucket Challenges And Other Fails

09.01.2015 1 042 488

Cats, girls, boys, ice bucket challenges and many other funny videos in this compilation.

Clever Animals but Stupid Things

07.01.2015 764 161

Sometimes even clever animals do really stupid things. Watch them going crazy!

Breakdancing Fail

06.01.2015 1 195 953

Do not breakdance if you are not sure that the space is free from other things you can end up like this guy who broke his favorite laptop while trying to film his dance.

Funny Tumbler Fail Compilation 2013

05.01.2015 289 242

Enjoy watching this rally funny fail compilation of May 2013.

Almost Failed

01.01.2015 270 301

This video is about people who were very close to fail, but luckily did not.

Fail Army On Duty

30.12.2014 886 771

Each month and each day people fail a lot. Fail Army is on duty of this videos and try to deliver to you the funniest of them every month.

Ridiculous Fails

30.12.2014 793 954

Watch the most stupid and the most ridiculous video compilation ever by Top Fail.

How Fast Can You Do?

26.12.2014 888 417

This happens everywhere when someone tries to put on such a skinny jeans. There has been lots of fun at the end of it. The girl worked really hard but couldn’t get the perfection at length.

Learning from Other's Mistakes

25.12.2014 905 092

These are also the awesome collection and are something very hard and rare to find. You can have fun for sure, but importantly, try learning from them.

Best of Fails Compilation February

22.12.2014 812 022

Four minutes of fun. Watch and enjoy.

August’s Fails

20.12.2014 564 226

Here are some crazy wins and fails of August 2015 by Zap Spion.

Crazy People Compilation

17.12.2014 460 722

This is one of the most epic fails compilations of October 2015. Check it out!

Drunken Fails

13.12.2014 205 593

Drunken people sometimes do really funny things. Moreover, they are always safe until they are drunk.

Compilation of girls' fails

13.12.2014 679 870

Have you seen the guy on 1:30? If no, watch this video again as it will lift your mood!

Girls, Boys And Their Fails

11.12.2014 748 845

Sometimes it is hard to hold one’s laugh even when the person is injured because it was really funny to watch this person failing.

Top 100 Funny Videos

09.12.2014 912 703

This compilation contains top 100 funny videos of the year 2015 according to Laugh TV. Well, most of them are really funny. Watch and laugh!

Fails And Wins For Good Mood

05.12.2014 977 591

This fails and wins compilation will definitely make you laugh even if you are in bad mood.

Compilation To Laugh

04.12.2014 222 816

Do you have a bad mood? Do you want to cheer up? Then, this video is exactly what you need.

Various Funny Animals

02.12.2014 339 588

These animals will not leave you indifferent! Bears, cats, dogs, squirrels and many others will definitely make you laugh.

Narrow Escapes in Videos

01.12.2014 655 982

Mistakes did not turn out to be fatal in none of these cases. So, the video shows a lot of charms in a few minutes. All of the incidences could become devastating eventually.

Funs Are Precious

01.12.2014 411 263

May be such fun couldn’t be premeditatedly done, but when these scenes have been captured all of these have become precious. Truly awesome!

Best Fails of the Month November

31.11.2014 572 194

You can not keep laughing. It's very funny.

Some Funny Football Moments

26.11.2014 677 319

Here are some really funny football moments that drew attention of camera men.

Various fails

26.11.2014 712 856

Some of this fails are funny, some of them are cruel. But they all are worth being watched.

Dogs and cats

25.11.2014 422 642

Check out the compilation of funny cats and dogs that are really crazy and weird sometimes.

Fails of the week

25.11.2014 407 631

Oh, people, what’s wrong with you? Sometimes the fails are so stupid; however, it is always fun to watch them. Check the collection of fails of the week!

Unsuccessful Jumps Over Small Rivers And Other Fails

24.11.2014 607 793

Do not try to jump over small rivers. Proved by various attempts.

Boss Tries to Rescue

22.11.2014 692 020

Nobody is the real boss here! One tried to help other but failed. A bit later, the rescuer himself could not get rid of the dangerous high wave which was following them.

Model Fails

22.11.2014 453 238

It is so sad when walk through the podium and suddenly fall. Especially, when you are a model.

October 2013 Best Fails

20.11.2014 145 565

October 2013 appeared to be a month full of fails. Check them out in this compilation!

Funny Situations

15.11.2014 635 559

This video does not have a single topic. It is about various funny situations that occur time to time.

August 2014 Best Epic Fails

14.11.2014 843 628

Here are the best epic fails of August 2014. Check them out!

Fun Vs Politeness

12.11.2014 481 930

This compilation consists of extreme materials that are supposedly going against the politeness! However, these are fun for sure.

Watch And Laugh

10.11.2014 194 569

Check out this funny compilation. Although, some videos are cruel and not funny at all, you will enjoy watching this 10-minute compilation.

Failure Is a Fun When It's Accepted

08.11.2014 301 358

Some unexpected events makes our senses work good. When our nerves take accurate sensation because of our realization it helps us work sensibly at the next time.

Unexplained Acts

01.11.2014 568 073

“What did they think before doing these crazy things?” This is your first thought when you watch this video. Indeed, some people are “amazing”.

Funny Videos Fail/Win Compilation

30.10.2014 1 007 779

New collection of funny situations with people, cats, etc.

The Most Ridiculous Skateboarding Fails

29.10.2014 179 620

Here are the most ridiculous skateboarding fails ever. Check them out!

Cinema Prank

29.10.2014 274 282

All these people did not expect to see such a scarifying guy in the cinema.

Unreliable Stuff

29.10.2014 681 966

Sometimes, when you expect it the least, stuff just let you down and you fail. Be aware of this!

Failed Pranks

28.10.2014 468 695

When pranks go wrong, you become a victim instead of your initial target.

Drunken girls

26.10.2014 371 580

Drunken people are sometimes very funny, especially girls. Check out what they do when they drink too much.

Failure That Doesn't Blame You

24.10.2014 187 922

These are instances of accidents rather than being the funny failure. Anyway, we got some excitements watching them and thanks many, to the victim people, not the performers!

Guards’ Fails

14.10.2014 273 353

Even guards that train a lot sometimes fail. Watch this ultimate guards fail compilation!

Young BMX Rider Fails

14.10.2014 577 160

This is a short and not too funny fail by young BMX rider.

Unbelievable Skateboarding fails

11.10.2014 101 812

Skateboarding is difficult, but these guys make it look so easy.

Fails Collection that will keep you laughing

10.10.2014 42 682

Is it bad that we enjoy looking at other people's misfortunes? We don't know, but we hope you have as much fun watching these fails as we did.

NEW 2014 Epic Funny Fail/Win Compilation

07.10.2014 40 561

More fails, more laughter, better mood guaranteed.

NEW 2014 Epic Funny Fail_Win Compilation OCTOBER 2014 PART 105

06.10.2014 27 818

ULTIMATE fail compilation to brighten up your day.

Funny Fail Compilation

05.10.2014 292 409

Check out this compilation of fails and simply funny moments. You will see singing cats, wedding fails, funny children and many others.

Crazy Things on the Road

30.09.2014 872 416

Crazy things sometimes happen on the roads. So be very careful when driving a car!

Epic Videos

29.09.2014 194 607

Enjoy and like this video. It can really make you laugh. Why is it always so funny to watch at someone making mistakes? This is the reality.

Best Collection of Fails Compilation

24.09.2014 997 092

This video is easy to cheer you up. Sometimes people do such interesting and meaningless things.

Don't Try If You Are Not Sure

24.09.2014 873 212

You’ll certainly have fun from this compilation. However, some of these could mislead you to get fun but eventually achieve an accident. Don’t try!

Extremely Funny girls

23.09.2014 775 603

Look at these girls:) At the moment of the video, they must be so unhappy. Anyway, their fails are so funny.

The Latest Fails

22.09.2014 962 421

Check out the latest and the funniest fails. You have not seen them before.

Scooter Fails

22.09.2014 411 128

If you are going to ride a scooter for the first time, remember to accelerate slowly. Otherwise, you can end up like some of these boys and girls.

Some Crazy Russians

22.09.2014 1 052 587

Some Russian people are really crazy so do not mess with them.

Girls can fail

16.09.2014 358 740

Sometimes girls do really unexplainable things, like these. And they look so funny! Check them out!

New Girls Fail Compilation

15.09.2014 488 792

Watch the best girls fail and win compilation that makes your mind happy and see the girls falling down.

When It Comes to Considering Funs for Life

15.09.2014 580 550

This video begets real fun and you never feel uneasy to watch this as long as there is the presence of enthusiasm. Pre-planned funs means the success of this video as all they provide is based on funs.

Some Videos To Laugh

12.09.2014 510 925

Some of these videos are not really funny because people are injured, but most of them will definitely make you laugh. Watch and enjoy!

Girls Are Unpredictable

12.09.2014 730 146

In this video you will see a girl writing a message while getting married and many other strange and funny things.

Funny Trick Performance Fails

10.09.2014 674 542

Do you want to perform a trick? First think whether it will be cool or funny.

Fails in the zoo

07.09.2014 733 006

You can look at monkeys for long time. They are super funny. Watch this video and see that monkeys are the skilled thiefs.


05.09.2014 330 333

Some things are really hard to explain, you just have to take them as they is.

Big people fail compilation

03.09.2014 841 959

This is the fail compilation of really big people. When they fail to do something, it is even funnier that with thin people.

Epic collection

30.08.2014 709 667

Some of this videos just shut me up..People are extraordinary….I do not get tired to be surprised. Just watch it.

Trampoline Fails

28.08.2014 480 624

Despite obvious possible fails people continue jumping on trampolines. Let’s watch the funniest moments!

Extreme Guy

28.08.2014 503 052

Sometimes even cool guys fail. Here is one of the most unfortunate mountain rides!

Texting While Walking

26.08.2014 321 374

Never text your friends or relatives while walking or you may end up like these guys.

Glass Doors Fails

24.08.2014 623 333

Be careful when in a hurry or you can forget to open some glass doors like all people in this video.

The girls are failing

23.08.2014 286 516

It is possible to watch the fails of the girls eternally. How many times have you watched this video?

Various Fail And Win Videos

21.08.2014 588 245

Check out North Korean dancing, mother dog, hokey cats and other things.

Crazy Football Fans

20.08.2014 880 702

Some football fans are so crazy that they cannot sit still and try to run on the pitch.

Unreliable Rope

19.08.2014 601 024

Do not rely too much on a rope. It can tear any time.

Girls’ Fails

15.08.2014 492 492

This fail compilation is about girls, which are really funny. Watch and laugh!

Fail Compilation

13.08.2014 246 478

Some fails are funny and not serious, but some of them, are even dangerous. Car crashes, failed home demolitions are among them. Check out this video!

April 2013 Best Fails

11.08.2014 198 024

This is the compilation of the best fail videos of April 2013. Enjoy and laugh!

Broken Cameras

10.08.2014 1 024 498

When you are filming somebody or something, remember to secure your camera or you can easily break it like some of these guys.

The Best Fails By Fail Army

05.08.2014 749 658

Fail Army works hard to deliver the best and the funniest fails to you. Check them out!

Painful Scootering

01.08.2014 156 936

Get ready to feel the pain because you cannot learn freestyle scootering without it.

Winter Fails

31.07.2014 462 156

Winter is a dangerous season. It is so easy to fall when the ice is everywhere. However, some people are looking for the ice to film the best fails. Watch them!

Work Fails

31.07.2014 1 011 731

Fail Army works hard to deliver the funniest fail videos. This time, the compilation is about work fails.

Epic Football Fights Compilation

28.07.2014 572 235

Football is not always about playing. Sometimes it is about fighting.

Dangerous skateboarding

27.07.2014 815 369

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport. If you still doubt whether to start learning it or not – watch this video and only after that make a decision.

Spring Fails

23.07.2014 763 135

Check out the best fails of the 4th week of March, 2015 by Fail Army.

Football Fails Compilation

22.07.2014 154 815

Football can also be funny sometimes. Watch this football fails compilation.

Unlucky Day

19.07.2014 522 917

This was an unlucky day for driver, his neighbor and the camera man. Unluckily, the wheel fell off and got strait into the camera man. Poor guy!

Crazy people

18.07.2014 437 301

Do not miss this video with absolutely crazy guys, children and even things that can hardly have any logic.

Folk Entertainment

17.07.2014 395 254

This folk entertainment is held regularly in Spain. It is a little bit dangerous because bulls can easily injure or even kill a person. Still, a lot of people participate every year.

TV fails

16.07.2014 962 350

When you watch TV all the speakers are so ideal. They never do any mistakes and look increadible. However, watch this video!

You Tried, but, It's Not the Concrete Failure

15.07.2014 197 258

To avoid failure it’s recommended that you will know the value of success. Any failure that makes you smile means that you were not serious enough before you proceeded on!

Just Some Funny Moments

15.07.2014 268 048

Some of these videos are not fails at all, just some funny moments.

Funny People And Animals

11.07.2014 693 989

People and animals are something so funny that it is hard to stop laughing. Check out this video!

Cheer up Compilation

10.07.2014 398 347

If you are in bad mood then this compilation is exactly what you need to cheer up.

Shameless Cat Spoils A Song

07.07.2014 338 143

Close your cat before singing a song or it may spoil everything. Watch this and other videos in the current fails’ compilation.

Little Impudent Monkey And Other Funny Videos

03.07.2014 600 807

Even little monkeys can make you be afraid of them. Check out this and other funny videos.

Ice Is Not the Iron-hard

02.07.2014 1 008 404

Since you are aware of the breakability of ice under certain temperature and assumable environmental conditions, you should not be fooled with anything of these when you break the ice.

Different Thinking

26.06.2014 401 315

When you wait for watching the residual part of something, your concentration and preparedness become extreme. You can’t expect any exception right at that moment!

Fails or Wins?

24.06.2014 972 973

Some of these fails rather look like wins. Check out this exciting compilation!

Funny People and Animals

24.06.2014 563 859

Sometimes people fall so funny that it is really hard to hold your laugh.

Various Fails By Hay

21.06.2014 355 985

Winter fails, summer fails, youth fails, older people fails, bicycle fails and others – all of them are in this video compilation.

Speaking with Funny Kitten

21.06.2014 355 572

Hey! Funny cat or (Kitten), this is not the fountain of milk to drink at random. You can only bath here as you mistress (or master) left it running for you!

March 2015 Fails by Fails Arena

20.06.2014 744 196

Check out the best fails of the end of March 2015 by Fails Arena.

Funny Stupid People

16.06.2014 451 324

Check out the funny stupid people riding a lawn mower, pretending they are driving a tractor and others.

Funny Girls

16.06.2014 622 065

Girls are usually sweet, but sometimes their reaction is so funny that it is really hard to hold the laugh. Here is a compilation of funny girls.

NEW 2014 Epic Fail/Win Compilation

13.06.2014 488 849

Collection of very funny video fails. You can not keep laughing.

Off road fail compilation

05.06.2014 997 332

Here is some fail compilation of jeeps trying to climb the mountains. Only few seconds and the car is totally damaged.

Military Fails

02.06.2014 968 871

Army is not only dangerous, but funny. Here are some military fails by funny fail comp.

Hilarious Fail Compilation

02.06.2014 410 002

Aww that must be very painful. Some people are totally crazy. Watch the compilation of their fails.

Skateboarding Fails 2014

01.06.2014 352 603

There are tens and thousands of fails behind one really cool skateboarding trick.

Water Sports Fails

01.06.2014 397 291

Water sports are not as traumatic as other ones. Nevertheless, fails happens.

News fails compilation

30.05.2014 804 476

Why do people like to laugh at someone's mistakes? This is a mystery, however this is truth. watch the compilation of news fails.

Cute Owls

29.05.2014 219 068

There are so many owls in the world and many of them are cute and funny.

Ski And Bike Fails

29.05.2014 312 302

Ski and bike fails are among the most frequent ones. Watch a lot of them in this compilation.

Unpredictably Dangerous Trucks

26.05.2014 1 091 213

Be aware of the trucks on the roads. They are sometimes unpredictably dangerous.

Painful and Funny Skateboarding Fails

25.05.2014 351 457

Here are some funny and painful skateboarding fails. That really hurts!

Best Politicians’ Fails

23.05.2014 568 505

Politicians are sometimes even funnier than clowns. Check out their fails compilation.

Fail Compilation June 2013

21.05.2014 109 654

Fail compilation Best of the Week 4 June 2013

Angry Tiger 007 Fail Compilation

20.05.2014 627 122

Check out a fail compilation by Angry Tiger 007. You will see grooms in trash can and other funny stories.

Car Crashes

16.05.2014 770 392

This video is full of different car crashes. Some of them are slight, but some are really awful.

Greater Fun for Greater Sorrow-But We Like It

15.05.2014 759 945

Oops! Are they really funny? Yes, they could not resist it from becoming like that. In fact, some fun is inevitable and some fun is letting us forget about the distress.

Funny Kids’ Fails

14.05.2014 281 859

All these little kids are so funny that it is hard to stop watching them.

They tried to be sexy

14.05.2014 407 561

The girls can be really unpredictable. Here, they tried to be sexy but they failed. In turn, they are funny!

Make Use of Your Own Efforts

09.05.2014 454 074

When some of your efforts beget the wining condition make sure you deserve that otherwise, you may have the failure in the next hour if you take them lightly.

Workout Fails

08.05.2014 289 253

Workout fails are probably the most dangerous one, as they may lead to severe injuries.

NEW Epic Fail/Win Compilation

06.05.2014 1 073 016

Funny people, amusing animals, sports and extreme fails.

So Many Various Fails

06.05.2014 339 394

Jumping fails are among the most frequents ones. Check out jumps and other funny fails in this compilation.

The compilation of live fails

04.05.2014 410 963

We think that everyone has already seen the guy who bought iPhone 6 and dropped it? If no, watch this and many other fails in this video.

Wanna Laugh?

03.05.2014 1 079 625

Wanna laugh? Watch this ultimate fails compilation 2015 and enjoy! It will definitely make you smile.

Funny Planet

03.05.2014 1 071 745

Here is the compilation of the best epic fails you can find. Children, adults, pets and even wild animals, including elks, will definitely make you laugh.

Funny fails by Jordi Mestre

02.05.2014 251 418

Nobody is perfect. Check out some funny fails by Jordi Mestre edited by Mark Heuss.

Throwing the dove

02.05.2014 465 576

He threw the dove like a football, it is unbelievable. Probably, he even broke the little bird’s neck. Poor dove.

Painful Skateboarding

01.05.2014 649 730

Here is a compilation of the most painful skateboarding fails ever. Check it out!

These Funny Animals

01.05.2014 961 797

Check out a funny cat in a plastic bag and other animals in this compilation.

Animals’ Fails

29.04.2014 736 238

Sometimes, when we do not watch the animals, they do really funny things. Check out this video and enjoy various animals’ fails, including squirrels, cats, dogs and others.

Unlucky Ride

27.04.2014 849 577

This was supposed to be a fast downhill ride, but unfortunately it ended up smashing the rider’s head.

Nowhere They Succeeded

26.04.2014 457 508

Fatal failure! It’s a tract with an extensive curb and every time it causes a crash. Repeated attempts have also come to nothing after all.

BMX Injury

24.04.2014 901 280

BMX sport is really dangerous. Be careful and always wear a helmet and protection to avoid injuries.

Shopping Cart Fails

24.04.2014 774 986

Shopping carts are permanent participants of the finniest fails. Shopping cart races and other events often ends really amusingly.

Laughting at girls' fails

23.04.2014 1 088 833

Oh Gosh, these are fails and we must be sorry for the girls but we cannot stop laughting as this is so damn funny.

January 2015 Fails

23.04.2014 717 389

Here are some really good fails of January 2015. Check them out!

Fails are Everywhere

22.04.2014 316 808

Football, amusement park, pool, road, river – fails are everywhere. Do not miss this video!

Stupid Russian Car Crashes

21.04.2014 319 998

Check out the car crash compilation. It consists mostly of Russian car crashes, which are sometimes really stupid.

Fails In The Army

20.04.2014 390 453

People in army often do not know what to do, so they sometimes do really stupid things.

Laughing At Your Friends

19.04.2014 636 901

It is cool when you have somebody to laugh at. But it is not really cool when people laugh at you. This compilation is about people that are so funny that others cannot hold their laugh.

Epic Funny Cats Jump Fail

18.04.2014 643 461

Cats can amuse you and lift your mood.

Ski Fails

16.04.2014 472 401

Sometimes, even you are a talented person, you fail. This compilation is about ski fails.

Cow Dong

13.04.2014 762 678

Have you ever tried to put a petard into cow dung? Well, one of the guys from this video did.

Motorcycle Accidents

13.04.2014 953 223

A motorcycle sport is really dangerous. A lot of accidents happen every day with motorcycles on the roads, but they are not as traumatic as sports ones.

After All They All Had Releived

12.04.2014 910 504

Yes, Failure results the danger in most incidences shown in this video. If you are scared of it take it seriously because these are disasters for someone while at the same time funny to us.

A video To Laugh

12.04.2014 1 066 060

If you are in a bad then this video is exactly what you need. Watch all this people doing some crazy things and do not hold your laugh.

Painful Fails

09.04.2014 393 076

Most fails happen when trying to do a stunt. Moreover, they are not always funny for ‘actors’.

August 2015 Fail Compilation

08.04.2014 384 482

August 2015 was full of fails and wins. Enjoy them in this compilation.

Some Unexpected Things

05.04.2014 721 412

This is a compilation of the most unexpected and stupid things you have ever seen.

Fail ‘Feats’

04.04.2014 226 026

It looks like all these people tried to repeat all the ‘feats’ of their predecessors.

Reporters’ fails

03.04.2014 673 418

Reporters’ job is very unpredictable. However, they always have to be ready for unusual things to happen like with reporters from this video.

Wedding Fails

03.04.2014 505 331

Wedding is one of the most important events for every person. However, fails happen even there.

Fail Army

01.04.2014 998 683

Sometimes fails are really funny. Watch this ultimate redneck fails compilation and enjoy!

Playground Fails

27.03.2014 498 304

Playground is a very traumatic place. Moreover, it is a very funny place, where different fails happen quite often.

Failed Driver And Others

26.03.2014 449 780

The driver decided to avoid a traffic jam using an oncoming lane but he did not notice the police car behind. This and other fails you will find in this compilation.

Cutting The Trees

26.03.2014 121 020

Are you going to cut the tree? First, make sure that it will not break you house.

Best Fails by Slivki

20.03.2014 269 712

Enjoy this funny video about bikers, dogs and pigs, skaters and other things.

Epic girls

19.03.2014 661 555

Oh no, did you see that? What are these girls doing with their lips in the end of the video?

Skateboarding Fails Compilation

16.03.2014 819 463

Our video collection of skateboarding fails this is the best and probably have never seen before. video collection of skateboarding fails is played by the beginner skateboarders that can only accentuate the style rather than ability. This collection of skateboarding video fails to load a lot of failures are very painful and cause injury. But since seeing the ignorance and pretentious style behavior by the novice skateboarders, making the video collection of skateboarding fails to be cute and adorable.

Scooter fails

15.03.2014 407 362

This is the compilation of the best scooter fails ever. Watch and enjoy!

Fishing Fails

14.03.2014 866 006

Even fishing is sometimes funny. For example, you may fall off of your boat or a shark may steal your fish.

Fail Compilation July 2013 Monthly Fails

13.03.2014 478 403

The funniest fails in one clip.

Throw Ins

11.03.2014 157 819

Throw ins are usually very simple, but not always. Sometimes wet hands or other obstacles interfere.

All Is Well If the End's Well

11.03.2014 995 064

This is an exclusive video of fun. When you come to see the end part of it, you will see some funny gathering of exterior people who were not expected in that private place!

August Fails

08.03.2014 115 518

August is the most generous time for fails because it is warm and many people do crazy things.

GTA 5 : Fails, Cascades, Chutes!

04.03.2014 575 554

GTA 5 : Fails, Cascades, Chutes!

Showing Off

28.02.2014 229 587

Here is what happens when you try to show off. You risk to be injured or to injure somebody near you. Luckily, this guy did not get into the oncoming car.

Fails Happen

26.02.2014 919 206

Well, sometimes fails happen and all you can do is lough together with other people. That is the best way out.

Cat’s Birthday And Other Videos

24.02.2014 1 095 135

Have you ever seen cats celebrating birthday? Find this and other funny things here.

Traumatic Parkour

22.02.2014 1 000 592

Parkour is a nice sport, but very traumatic. Here is what may happen. Be careful!

Speed Tractor And Other Fails

19.02.2014 691 341

Do you want to laugh at a speed tractor and other cool fails? Watch this compilation.

Best Headshots

17.02.2014 384 441

These are the best headshots from all over the world. Even cats are here.

Careful Jumping

14.02.2014 795 661

Be careful when you jump, or you can end like the guy from the first video in this compilation.

Illogical Actions

14.02.2014 715 150

Some people are really crazy. They keep doing strange things, which cannot be explained logically.

Angry Animals

13.02.2014 856 775

Watch the video compilation of the most unpredicted animals’ attacks. They are so angry!

The worls around us - Epic fails

13.02.2014 751 806

Oh nooo…This is the selection of the most epic fails. Just look, the world is so funny around us. Do not be sad, just look around.

The next girls' fails

13.02.2014 884 684

Girls always try to be intelligent and look good in the eyes of others, however sometimes it looks different:)

Fail Compilation February 2014

08.02.2014 190 187

Fail Compilation February 2014 week 1

Off Road Fails

03.02.2014 911 709

Since the invention of cars people try to drive everywhere. However, some places are not for cars, even off road ones. Thus, such situations that you can see in this video happens.

Funny Football Fails

01.02.2014 1 144 036

Football is a serious game, but sometimes players do really funny things.

Best Fails Of September 2015

31.01.2014 558 730

Check out some funny videos of September 2015. They include animals, children and even some frightening moments.


25.01.2014 293 694

When you want to make a trick or simply do some sports, do not forget to turn on your camera because you may do something really funny.

Pinguin’s Fail

24.01.2014 1 018 910

Even animals fail time to time. Find a funny penguin in this video.

March Week 2 Fails

22.01.2014 266 737

Check out the funniest and the stupidest fails of the week 2 of March 2015.

Take It Easy for Life

21.01.2014 349 720

Hey! Just take all this easy. This time none of these incidences should make you worry. This video somehow gives you the inspiration not to fail. Let’s look at these in a funny style!

Traumatic Sports

20.01.2014 551 545

Sports are sometimes traumatic. Be careful when riding a bike or skydiving! Do not hurt yourself.

Playground Fails

07.01.2014 342 421

Playground fails are one of the most dangerous and traumatic ones. Check them out!

Various Drivers’ Fails

06.01.2014 640 882

Drivers’ fails are really sad because one mistake can cost a lot.

Pranks, Fails, and Wins

04.01.2014 1 213 982

Funny pranks and other fails and wins in the ultimate fail compilation. Check it out!

New Epic Fail Compilation 2015

01.01.2014 417 676

New Epic Fail Compilation for you to continue laughing by Super Time Killer.

Invisiable Things

01.01.2014 654 984

This is a good edit work of the video showing something invisible that can attack the man. After all, it’s also a fun meaning that you can be hurt if you’re not seeing the attack!

BEST Motorcycle Fails Compilation 2014

14.12.2013 1 099 992

Ride a motorcycle is very cool, but they fall very fun.

New Fail Compilation! Best Glass Door Fails Of All Time

18.10.2013 212 992

Here is a funny video obtained when a person does not see that the glass door in front of him.

Best Funniest Cake Disasters Fail Compilation

30.09.2013 898 120

Fall wedding cakes. Good start to joint life.

Instant Karma Compilation 2014

01.05.2013 1 194 837

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