Street Ride

29.10.2015 1 088 115

This is another skateboarding video by mokhlis and zouhaire from Panorama Extreme team.

Garreth Wilson

27.10.2015 676 575

Non-stop skateboarding by Garreth Wilson compiled from 2013, 2014 and a bit of 2015 videos.

Diving in Jackson Blue

11.10.2015 697 556

It must be unforgettable to make cave diving. seeing the beauty of underwater world cannot leave anyone being indifferent!

BMX Racing

29.09.2015 199 764

It looks exciting and colorful. These guys are competing on BMXs. Their track is so wavy.

Reef system of Margarita island

29.09.2015 901 992

These guys are diving 20+ meters in depth in reef system of Margarita island. The video is rather dark however ou can see the beauty of the caves.

Skateboarding in Finland

28.09.2015 873 814

This is what skateboarding in Finland looks like. It is always nice to open something new!

Brave girl bungee jumping

20.09.2015 927 374

This girl is so brave. It is really very scary to make a jump from such a height. We envy her strength and persistence.

Azzen Loewe’s Teaser

18.09.2015 1 062 347

Here is a teaser for Azzen Loewe’s next video. His tricks are getting much better!

Fast Snowboarding

17.09.2015 309 906

Check out a really fast snowboarding from top to the bottom at Keystone.

Skateboard Championship In Lyon

16.09.2015 496 584

These guys are taking part at the Skateboard Championship in Lyon, France.

A Real Skateboarder

10.09.2015 565 523

Look at this guy. This is what a real skateboarder is like.

Peyraou de Chadouillet diving

08.09.2015 308 618

This is the cave diving in Peyraou de Chadouillet, France. All the participants share excellent feedback after diving there.

Nico Lopez riding BMX

03.09.2015 886 593

Nico Lopez is demonstraiting his skills in BMX freestyle. He seems to be very confident while making stunts.

Ralph Loi's Stunts

02.09.2015 973 533

Ralph Loi is a biker from his heart. It seems that his motorbike is an integral part of him. His stunts are awesome.

Fresstyle Motor Tricks Circle

01.09.2015 158 675

This Indonesian guy cannot make anyone being indifferent. Look at the tricks he is making. His circle tricks are so awesome.

Cold Sunny Day Freeskiing

28.08.2015 863 714

Cold sunny days like this are perfect for freeskiing. Check out this video!

Skateboarding Christmas

27.08.2015 311 802

This is not a typical Christmas video. There is no snow or Santa. It is all about skateboarding.

Straighting the air

26.08.2015 377 046

It must be so exciting to ride the snowboard and see mighty mountains around. The nature and the atmosphere inspire for stunning tricks.

Sasdi’s Tricks

26.08.2015 257 849

This guy is Sasdi. He spent a lot of his free time watching tons of awesome skateboarding videos to learn all of those tricks.

Cold March

23.08.2015 932 600

March is not a winter month, but it is cold enough to keep some snow on the hills.

Crazy motorbiking

22.08.2015 345 202

Watch this short but exciting video with astonishing stunt that not everyone can repeat!

Cave diving near Ko Olina

20.08.2015 760 365

B-Sex and "Shark" Finnigan are diving in nice caves that they have found near Ko Olina. The guys are so excited!

The Lost Ring

20.08.2015 916 478

Sometomes, men lose their wedding rings, however they do not give up and dive deep in order to find it!

Bairn City Rollers' Skelpies vs Capital City Roller Derby

18.08.2015 499 384

Check out Bairn City Rollers' Skelpies fighting against Capital City Roller Derby.

Grand Targhee Resort Freeskiing

14.08.2015 1 155 097

Wow! This ski resort has really cool hills for freeriding. Watch the Grand Targhee Resort freeskiing finals.

Water ramp In Soelden

09.08.2015 438 759

Check out freeskiers having fun at Area 47 water ramp in Soelden, Austria.

What Is Paragliding?

08.08.2015 817 205

Watch this video if you want to find out why paragliding is so exciting and unique.


07.08.2015 942 545

This is the place where guys who have a passion for BMX train their skills. This is a BMX Camp, perfectly equipped and welcoming everyone.

Two Bro’s Rollerblade Sliding

04.08.2015 228 024

Watch these two brothers Igor and Anton from Ukraine showing rollerblades sliding.

Winter Fun

02.08.2015 742 809

Snowy winter is the best present for those who like snowboarding. Check out some cool snowboarding tricks.

Hamburg, Hafen

31.07.2015 441 338

This jump happened in 2013 in Hamburg. It looks so crazy, however it should be so exciting!

Meeting Grey Nurse Sharks

24.07.2015 513 404

This is so damn exciting to meet grey nurse sharks while diving. These guys are fearless. We really envy them1

Perfect Skiing Day

23.07.2015 222 831

Check out a short edit of the last weekend at Obertauern. It was a perfect skiing day.

Skateboarding In Tübingen

20.07.2015 596 372

This video is about skateboarding in beautiful town Tübingen in Germany, shot by Austin Long.

No Music Skateboarding

17.07.2015 644 500

Kill Streak Network is your source for various original videos. Watch these cool skateboarding tricks.

Skateboarding in Vancouver

05.07.2015 1 064 778

Watch this video from Go Skateboarding day in Vancouver by Adam Colborne.


04.07.2015 539 979

Did you know that Greece is a good place for cave diving? Yes, it is! Kefalonia is a great place to dive. The caves there are very unusual.

Base Jumping In Oman

01.07.2015 289 465

Wanna feel the real extreme? Try base jumping with Skydive Dubai in Majlis Al Jinn, Oman.

Fish & Chips and Fish Rock Cave

29.06.2015 987 101

This dive location must be included in your dive itinerary if you are travelling to Australia. You will remember it till the rest of your life!

Scuba Diving In Natan

29.06.2015 439 802

Enjoy this video about scuba diving in Natan, Brazil. Tones of fishes and blue water will amaze you.

Preparing For A Jump

28.06.2015 390 805

At first it looks like these guys are sitting in small train, but then why they need helmets with cameras?

Baikal Lake From The Sky

23.06.2015 651 955

Check out these amazing views of Baikal Lake and its surroundings.


17.06.2015 238 728

Bodyboarding is something like surfing but with some differences. It is easier to show than to explain. Watch this video.

The unforgettable emotions

13.06.2015 673 871

These views amaze everyone. When you ride a snowboard and feel the snow this is awesome. When you feel the speed...this is unforgettable!

Day and Night Skateboarding

11.06.2015 873 715

These guys go skateboarding whenever they have free time. They do it even at night.

Winter Bodyboarding

11.06.2015 169 911

This is something like bodyboarding, but in winter. Get ready to feel the snow in your mouth!

Cave Diving in Austria

10.06.2015 819 390

Wow..the nature's creations are unbelievable! Look at these underwater caves. Diving there must be so exciting.

NoHo Skate Park

09.06.2015 1 200 845

Here are some summer demos with the Blind Team ft Sewa Kroetkov and Kevin Romar in NoHo Skate Park.

Waiting For A Wave To Come

08.06.2015 790 449

These guys are waiting for a good wave to come, and when it comes, they are absolutely ready.

Paragliding Tips For Beginners

06.06.2015 929 631

Here are some tips for paragliding beginners in windy conditions. It is not a problem for experienced guys, but might be a problem for newbies.

Awesome stunts on motorbike

01.06.2015 694 710

This is increadible. This giy should be crazy. Look..look at his stunt. He is riding without using legs.

Best Wakeboard Tricks Of 2015

01.06.2015 1 004 094

Here are some wakeboard tricks by Gwake.Net Wakeboard videos. Enjoy!

Go Skateboarding Day in Lipetsk

01.06.2015 1 175 218

Even rainy weather cannot stop real skateboarders from participating in Go Skateboarding Day.

Beautiful Winter

01.06.2015 806 155

Today you can easily film all you skiing with GoPro action camera. Now all you friends will see your tricks.

Spring Snowboarding

28.05.2015 819 338

The spring has already come, but it is cold enough to hold some snow to snowboard.

Marc Bassalo Skydiving Experience

23.05.2015 874 348

This is the first time Marc Bassalo is going to skydive. With Skydive Taft he will definitely like it!

Training camp in cave diving

20.05.2015 922 393

Trainings are super important in cave diving as this kind of sport is rather dangerous. This is the video from cave diving training camp.

Fascinating Views

18.05.2015 148 421

Paragliding in Mexico is incredibly cool. Look at these views of coastline, ocean and mountains. They fascinate.

Nick’s Skateboarding Compilation

18.05.2015 945 598

A short skateboarding compilation by Nick. He loves skateboarding and promises to love it forever.

No Fear Of Heights

11.05.2015 701 487

These people are definitely not afraid of heights. Otherwise, they could not perform their jumps.

Michael Wagner’s Tricks With Rollerblades

11.05.2015 516 013

Check out Michael Wagner showing his best tricks with rollerblades.

Roman Abrate

10.05.2015 400 334

This is Roman Abrate and he is really good and skating. Watch his cool performance.

Slacking In Central Park

10.05.2015 882 147

These guys are the kings of slacking. Check out their performance in Central Park, NYC.

Winter Sports

09.05.2015 619 151

Watch this video about winter sports. Can you imagine something better?

Bodyboarding In Bali

08.05.2015 819 850

Meet Noah, Lochie, Lee and Jake at their bodysurfing session in Bali.

Sunbuggy ride

05.05.2015 543 476

If you ever go to the ocean and get bored there – try the Sunbuggy ride and you will never forget your vacation!


05.05.2015 735 848

The name of the video, Gravity, is not without purpose. The skateboard looks like an essential part of each of these guys.

Cenote - Doggi

03.05.2015 786 481

Stay out of caves unless the cave trained. This is the message that divers want to convey in this video.

Like Snowskates?

02.05.2015 946 794

Snowskating is the new level of extreme sports. It makes learning easy, you can quickly master your skills and conquer the highest mountains!

Skateboarding In Afghanistan

30.04.2015 600 570

Although, Afghanistan is not a very peaceful country, a lot of children really like skateboarding there.

Amazing View From The Sky

30.04.2015 569 056

Freefalling is really cool, but when you open a parachute, you have more time to enjoy the view.

Istanbul At Night

26.04.2015 206 401

Enjoy the night view of the beautiful capital of Turkey – Istanbul. This city never sleeps.

Roller Derby Game

26.04.2015 694 215

Roller Derby is a contact sport game, which is played by two teams with 5 players in each.

Game of BIKE

25.04.2015 1 051 027

This is so cool when guys have a hobby and they devote a big part of their life to the improving of their skills.

Morning Ride In North California

25.04.2015 952 464

A nice morning ride at about 40 miles per hour in North California.

Snowy Winter In Korea

24.04.2015 1 063 667

This time the winter in Korea is snowy at it is high time to snowboard.

Skates For Snow

21.04.2015 1 162 650

Sled Dogs Snowskates is something like skates but for the snow. Feel yourself even more free with this new equipment!

Snowboarding in glacier resort

15.04.2015 814 054

What can be better than spending time doing what you like the most? There is the only answer - nothing can be better. These guys are doing what they like!

Cave Diving in Port de Sóller

13.04.2015 886 074

These people must be so happy because they saw real underwater world with the caves and unusual living species.

Crazy Crash

12.04.2015 1 158 447

Wow! That was a real extreme crash. Luckily, the driver stayed alive. One should be fearless to go through all these crashes and continue racing. Check it out!

Chasing Clouds

12.04.2015 991 822

What can be better for a wingsuit fan than chasing clouds? Nothing at all.

Go Skateboarding Day

11.04.2015 397 854

Check out the video about Go Skateboarding Day celebration in Santo Domingo. Riders visited 5 spots that day.

Laurel Skate Park

09.04.2015 321 315

Enjoy this 2-minute slow motion skateboarding video captured at Laurel Skate Park.

Siberian snowboarding

08.04.2015 975 410

Siberia has a severe climate however its nature and views are amazing. Moreover, Siberia gives an opportunity for extreme sports like snowboarding.

WingSuit Experience In Switzerland

07.04.2015 541 984

Switzerland is a wonderful country full of mountains. This is exactly what wingsuit fans need.

Riding a Thunder Cat

06.04.2015 1 141 567

This woman is speed-addicted. She started sailing at the age of 15 and since then she has not been even close to being tired from it.

Summer fun

05.04.2015 938 580

Waterskiing is one of the best ways to have fun during your summer vacation at the sea. Watch what it looks like!

Infiniti Fly Team

04.04.2015 299 542

Check out the video compilation about the Infiniti Fly Team. This is amazing what they do!

Longboarding In Alaska

03.04.2015 927 163

Alaska is not always in snow. Sometimes, it is quite warm there, so you can even wear a T-shirt and go longboarding.

High Skydiving during the Winter

01.04.2015 585 568

Skydiving in winter headed to high in the air means something exciting and abnormal! This is a courageous attempt to take during the vacation for sure.

Killing NoHo Skate Park

01.04.2015 990 698

Check out this short montage about local skateboarders killing the NoHo Skate Park.

Skateboarding In Teheran

01.04.2015 500 086

Check out a group of enthusiasts skateboarding in the center of Teheran.

Blade Cup

29.03.2015 467 279

Rollerblade encourages you to use a helmet and protective gear. Do not try to repeat all these tricks without them.

Skiing over the Mountain

29.03.2015 1 014 821

The fantastic skiing experiences included availing the experience of Mountain lodge at the same time. This is courageous and hard to endure for the right person too.

Amazing Stuff by People

27.03.2015 614 655

This video featuring some picture perfect moments of the indoor and outdoor activities of people that will increase your adrenalin.

Snowboard for Skydiving!

26.03.2015 1 065 563

Wao! That’s amazing. It’s like snowboarding wherever snow does not exist. There is such physical comfort which comes from an absolute mental ability in such skydiving.

Trike Drifting

26.03.2015 1 225 801

This route is perfect for bicycle riding or trike drifting. It is long and you do not need to pedal even a second. 5 minutes of total fun. Enjoy it!

Parkour at Philippines

25.03.2015 422 605

Parkour is a very profitable sport. You need just your body and nothing else to do it. Look at these guys from Philippines performing amazing tricks.

Double Wakeboarding Tricks

25.03.2015 370 656

Check out this video about the best double wakeboarding tricks by Bob Sinchel and others.

Parking Lot Freestyle Scootering

25.03.2015 371 514

Supermarket parking lot is a perfect place for freestyle scootering. Check out this video by Dave Bergmayer.

Bubble Sports

24.03.2015 746 505

People always invent something new. This time, you will watch the video about a new way to have fun – bubble sports.

Open Jam

22.03.2015 544 735

Watch this video about Open Jam at Cerritos Beach in Baja California Sur Mexico.

Looking for Extreme Sports

21.03.2015 1 034 282

Extreme sports help you get rid of the vicious circles of nominal and ordinary sports. When you are not sure if you are going for playing them just consider watching this right away!

Wingsuit Skydiving

20.03.2015 728 124

Wingsuit skydiving is a little bit different from traditional skydiving. The speed is lower and there is more control.

Cow ski dress

18.03.2015 713 410

Check out this guy wearing a funny ski dress, which makes him look like a cow!

Collective Paragliding

17.03.2015 1 062 316

Meet Mike, Tim, Bryan and other friends in collective paragliding somewhere in France.

Augmented Reality Skiing

17.03.2015 419 460

It’s now possible to feel how you could feel without touching in the real world. Skiing using the augmented reality can be pleasant for you. You will still find the difference when you start feeling the freezing temperature.

New movie about skateboarding

16.03.2015 2 927

These guys rose skateboarding to a new level. Their stunts are awesome. This is a teaser of their new movie ‘Hellbent to Skate’.

Looking for adrenaline

14.03.2015 864 499

This video shows only a tiny part of all those things that people do to make their life more interesting and exciting. Sport is life!

Successful Ride

12.03.2015 406 022

This guy is lucky today. He successfully coped with a difficult obstacle and performed a fantastic jump and now he can celebrate all the night long!

Seasonal Snowboarding for Entertainment

12.03.2015 486 024

The season ends and it’s time to move on to go for snowboarding! Thanks all who helped the business become successful and there is the opportunity to make use of snowboarding on the go.

Korean Freeskiing Beginners

10.03.2015 287 826

These Korean guys are just learning their first freeskiing tricks. Let’s support them mentally.

Extreme and Supposedly Exclusive

08.03.2015 750 167

This extreme motorsports should not be demeaned or confused with the word “EXTREME” since the performance is comprehensibly intelligible and is not a part of gambling or fake efforts.

Bodyboarding In Malapesquera

07.03.2015 1 080 036

Malapesquera is a nice place in the south part of Spain, which is perfect for bodyboarding and other similar activities.

Some Unused Footage

05.03.2015 955 349

Watch some unused footage from the ‘Pretty Sweet’ skateboarding video by Corey Goldberg.

Wingsuit Jump In France

05.03.2015 419 791

Wingsuit jump is more difficult than a regular one. Check out what it looks like.

Amazing Slacking By Gabriel Yoga

04.03.2015 1 286 372

Check out this fantastic slacking video by Gabriel Yoga from Brazil. His tricks are amazing!

Jordan Repin

04.03.2015 518 569

Jordan Repin is the Ephin Apparel skate team rider and he is really good at skateboarding.

Perfect Day for Snowboarding

03.03.2015 338 891

Have a look at this video! White untouched snow everywhere and sunny day – perfect time for snowboarding.

US Flow Tour

02.03.2015 787 215

Check out the US Flow Tour, where Andy Haase, Manny Rayo, Justin Collins, and Chuck Wright are competing with each other.

Upside Down While Skydiving

02.03.2015 826 782

It’s not easy to get upside down even if you have a chance in the air. Flying against the gravitation for a distinct period can express your freedom in almost everything!

Park Session - Snowboarding

28.02.2015 951 882

When we look at those crazy stunts that the guys perform, we feel dizzy. It seems to be so difficult to make any of the trick.

Skimboarding At Galveston

28.02.2015 999 575

Skimboarding is a great chance to have fun for those, who want to surf but is afraid of it. Watch this video about skimboarding at Galveston Island.

Base Jumping In China

25.02.2015 476 872

This jump was performed by Russian extreme guy somewhere in China. The view is amazing!

Skydiving Through the Circle

25.02.2015 245 426

When you are tired of simple skydiving, you start to invent new ways to have fun. Check out one of them!

Get Your Selfie in the Riding Mode of Skiing

25.02.2015 303 870

Taking the selfie while you are on ski board is extremely tough regarding the perfection and the quality of capturing. This video shows a simple example how one can do it with the shortest effort.

1GoPro Drone Motocross

23.02.2015 490 826

Motocross is a very spectacular sport. However, it becomes even more spectacular if you film it with your drone. Check out this GoPro drone video by Michał Jaroszczyk.

Family Kitesurfing

23.02.2015 503 418

This video is about kitesurfing somewhere in south Pacific. It is nice when the whole family shares one passion.

Go Skateboarding Day 2015

21.02.2015 594 559

This video is about Go Skateboarding Day 2015 at Charlotte NC.

Flying Like A Squirrel

21.02.2015 654 676

Check out this guy. He is flying like a flying squirrel. And what a nice landscape! Absolutely awesome!

Feminism Is Not the Experement, It's a Practice

17.02.2015 774 001

This video does not just manifest the feminism, but there you will find some extraordinary extracurricular activities that should really blow your mind.

Winter in Bukovel

16.02.2015 521 239

If you still doubt whether to visit Bukovel Ski Resort or not, this video will help you to make a decision.

Extreme sports

15.02.2015 360

This video is about extreme. It shows different sports, starting from basketball and finishing with wingsuit flying. Every sport is unique and it does not really matter which one you choose, if you do something.

Fairplay for Life

14.02.2015 416 636

Surfing, skateboarding, skiing, or cycling whatever the departments are, independent extremeness never remains unappreciated as long as the intention is fair. Safety always depends upon proper care and skills.

Look at the Sky and Watch What Is Under

13.02.2015 1 020 048

This is a part of documentation which was taken with a view to capture the snowy mountain, pine trees, and the clouded white sky including the snowboarding.

Truth about Skateboarding

12.02.2015 1 238 443

Skateboarding is not as easy as it seems. Do not forget about broken skateboards, scratched legs and hands and many other unpleasant things.

Hagardous Surfing but They Get Home Safely

12.02.2015 1 241 719

Surfing under the massive waves is one of the riskiest things to do for extreme sporting. You can lose everything while smiling and getting aggressive underneath the huge wave.

Crazy ride

11.02.2015 827 116

This guy will do everything to win the contest. One small mistake and he can greatly damage himself. Luckily, he finishes safely.

Phil Bence’s Lesson

11.02.2015 1 195 252

Here is what happens when Phil Bence comes to Oman to train the Middle East Caving Expeditionary Team.

Diving in Goul du pont

11.02.2015 338 495

It must be scary to dive into the cave when you are surrounded by underwater rocks. You should be well trained to make it alone.

Night Snowboarding

10.02.2015 346 818

Snowboarding at night is more difficult, but at the same time is unusual and exciting.

Showery Day

09.02.2015 1 217 837

It was not the best day for surfing, but there were no time to choose. Thus, despite a light shower, this guy decided to train. Check it out!

Wheelie freestyle

05.02.2015 439 871

Watch this guy riding on the rear wheel of his Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Can you dare to repeat this trick?

Freestyle Skating Championship

05.02.2015 1 040 572

Watch the 5th world freestyle skating championships. All the participants are amazing.

Freeski By Nissan

02.02.2015 353 826

Check out this video about crazy freeskiing tricks. These guys are flying like birds.

Raw BMX for the Same Performance

31.01.2015 1 027 631

This competition was arranged at a narrow ground and competitors felt no problem with the usual challenges that could turn out to be more difficult due to having the fear of mud.

Parkour Slacking

29.01.2015 255 205

For those who like parkour this chain is a nice place to practice slacking.

Driving In The Desert

28.01.2015 573 483

Desert is a very difficult place for rally. Watch and listen Carlos Sainz driving in the desert.

Searching for fun

28.01.2015 749 832

Watch this trailer to the movie ‘Interlude’ about crazy guys that search for a place to perform their ski stunts.

Aggressive skating

28.01.2015 956 451

These guys are not afraid of challenges and do not have even a drop of fear in their eyes. Check how brave they are!

Power Surfing in the Air

27.01.2015 1 208 719

Surfing needs high waves that make it run. However, massive waves can be tough to be handled. Watch out this if you believe in the ecstasy of aerial surfing!

Do What You Like

26.01.2015 707 079

Have a look at all these people and pay attention to their faces! They look really happy? And do you know why? Because they are doing what the like the most.

Dylan Perrus

25.01.2015 235 047

This guy is Dylan Perrus and he is fond of freestyle scootering. He is only 16 years old, but he is a very skilled rider.

Lungs’ Volume

24.01.2015 511 277

The main thing for freediving is good lungs’ volume, which is essential to stay under water as much as possible.

Base Jumping In Idaho

24.01.2015 267 906

This is the first gainer by Owen, performed at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Alexander Brown’s Snowboarding Video

24.01.2015 802 278

Check out a view up the front leg by a skilled snowboarder Alexander Brown.

In the Chance of Spring Break

24.01.2015 778 833

Spring break lets you feel crazy with everything as there is no particular pressure on your neck. Play with wires, snowboards, ski boards, and clouds as you are high in the air!

Eric’s First Edit

21.01.2015 805 795

This is the first skateboarding edit by Eric. He has been skateboarding for 7 months. Good result!

Rollerblade Competition In Seattle

21.01.2015 726 055

This is a video about an exciting rollerblade competition at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.

St Johns Cave Reef

21.01.2015 939 994

Here, you can see diving in St Johns Cave Reef that is located in Red Sea. Its depth reaches up to 25 meters.

High in the air - skateboarding

20.01.2015 852 962

This is the breathtaking video of a guy making stunts on his skateboard! Wow, it is even scary to watch this video and realize the height.

Above the Sky

19.01.2015 1 035 403

Are you as risky as Helena? Her jump is above the sky. She can see the beauty of the city and nature from the bird eye.

Wakeboarding in the south of France

19.01.2015 1 015 145

Check out how the wakeboarding looks from the rider’s point of view.

Circle Ralph Loi

17.01.2015 526 723

Have you ever tried the trick like this? Making circle on the rear wheel of your motorbike and making this with one leg in the air. Increadible.

Incredible Jeep Jumps

16.01.2015 656 375

These guys are not afraid of anything. Look at these incredible jumps that they perform while trying to win. It should be painful!

Daniel Prell

15.01.2015 748 913

Aggressive skating is totally different from regular one. Check out Daniel Prell’s aggressive skating.

In Memory Of Tony

15.01.2015 827 516

This video is made for the memory of Tony Pardee Seibert. He was a nice guy and a cool freeskier.

Best Freefalling View Ever

15.01.2015 131 278

This video is amazing! Hard to imagine how did these guys feel like while freefalling in the sunset.

Way Out

15.01.2015 747 945

Everyone will find their kind of extreme. The main thing to enjoy the process.

Acrobats of the Expert People

13.01.2015 1 285 708

Great acrobat overall! Think you’re not out of a specific completion while you practice these at home. Actually, these people are seemingly having multiple skills to come up with at anywhere!

Bungee Jumping in Johannesburg

13.01.2015 489 456

Oh, Gosh...it seems so scary. This video and specially this activity is not for people who are afraid of height.

First Jump

13.01.2015 1 221 440

First skydiving experience is always amazing! Watch this guy performing his first tandem jump!

Bungee Jumping in China

11.01.2015 598 534

Can you imagine the emotions and feelings that this person experience while jumping? It should be unforgettable!

Rob Carter

11.01.2015 706 677

Rob Carter lives in San Francisco and he knows the very best spots for skateboarding.


11.01.2015 793 395

There are so many different things to do in the modern world that it is even hard to choose. Winter sports, summer sports, swimming, flying, jumping – all these and many other activities are waiting for you!

Slacking In Australia

11.01.2015 1 186 319

Check out this video from Australian Slackline Open Championship 2011. All the participants were prepared very well.

Buttons Kaluhiokalani

10.01.2015 1 283 650

Buttons Kaluhiokalani is back! This man is a real skateboarding legend. Listen to his life story.

Freestyle Motor Trick

09.01.2015 712 182

The guy from the video shows his best on the motorbike. He is rather good but it is evident that he is a beginner.

Bodyboarding At City Pool, Manhattan, Kansas

08.01.2015 1 198 614

Check out some bodyboarding at City Pool in Manhattan, Kansas. That is really cool!

Winter Vacation in France

08.01.2015 1 154 516

Nice ride by 3 friends at Monts d'Olmes ski resort in France.

Cloudy Jump

06.01.2015 480 981

Most jumpers prefer choosing sunny days, but not these guys. They prefer jumping at sunset when the sky is full of clouds.

Kayaking in USA

05.01.2015 841 343

The North Fork Payette River is located in western Idaho. This video shows the best part of this river which is popular among kayakers. Watch the guys fighting the river!

Feel the Extremeness When You're Outside of the Tract

04.01.2015 772 175

Kayaking can be an instance of extreme sports. Enthusiastic people can evaluate the rough and tough Kayaking performance if it’s seemingly creative and almost sporty. Inspirable piece of Kayaking is always welcome.

Lion, Shark And Other Friends

03.01.2015 786 731

Most of people are afraid of lions, sharks and other dangerous animals. But not these guys. They can embrace their ‘pets’ without any fear. It is amazing!

Diving in Marnade spring

02.01.2015 311 858

This is the cave diving in Marnade spring that is located in Gard, France. The quality of the video is low, however you can see the beauty of the cave.

French Vans Team

31.12.2014 685 131

Check French team riders of Vans. They are so hardworking. They can easily construct the barriers themselves if there is n appropriate already existing.

Training In The Pool

30.12.2014 690 326

Here is what freediving group training look like. It is important to attend such training before freediving in the sea.


26.12.2014 175 384

This video is to ensure you that humans’ possibilities are unlimited. All you need is desire and hard work and you can achieve everything you want.

Random Video By Sander Lien

25.12.2014 357 675

This is just some random skydiving video by Sander Lien. Check it out!

Christmas In Spain

21.12.2014 615 728

This is Christmas in Spain. Some people prefer going somewhere abroad to celebrate in snowy conditions, while others prefer paragliding over the seaside.

Riding through Africa

20.12.2014 721 370

Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa' movie is about a group of guys that decided to ride 1700 kilometers of the legendary Diamond Coast route on their Bootleg Hobo Cinelli bikes.

Get the Cycle on Your Shoulders

20.12.2014 410 087

Get this rough and tough cycling video to ensure that the two-wheeler is not only made to help you with speed, but also it will allow you to think yourself like you almost are!

Half-pipe in a store

15.12.2014 939 094

Openbox store organized a nice half-pipe for all who want to practice ones rollerblading skills. Check it out!

Crazy roller skating

15.12.2014 556 460

Rollerblading is a serious hobby for them. Try to repeat something.

Neuschwanstein From The Sky

14.12.2014 700 816

Neuschwanstein is one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Most people see it from the ground, but these guys decided to see it from the sky.

Skydive Santa Barbara

14.12.2014 180 985

Skydive Santa Barbara offers you first-class skydiving service. You will never forget you jump with these guys!

Kitesurfing in Mauritus

12.12.2014 543 505

Check out Sergey Mysovskiy riding his kitesurf in Mauritus in June 2014. The video was filmed with GoPro camera.

Illusive Performance around the Ground

12.12.2014 466 454

MBX LR CUP-3 exceeded the typical performance and the sportsmen were even more enthusiastic than the spectators. They performed like chopping the wood in the air.

Addicted To Adrenaline

11.12.2014 693 555

You may think that some of the people from this video are insane, but it is not true. They are addicted to adrenaline. They need it more and more. Check it out!

BMX Competition

10.12.2014 790 405

This video is about boys that chose BMX as their main hobby. Here is what they can perform!

It Can Be Unthinkable But Is Possible

09.12.2014 681 304

Most of these amazing pictures remind us about the dynamic aptitude and quality of human being that they can do whatever they like as soon as the belief and strength are right.

Joyous and Eventful Snowboarding

08.12.2014 482 053

This is a phenomenal experience with the snowboard. In a limited preparation, this joy turns out to be unlimited. You can join this campaign without worrying at all!


06.12.2014 804 572

Motorcycling is a very dangerous and extreme. But some brave souls are very fond of risk.

Wing Suit Base Jumping Experience

05.12.2014 312 629

Do you want to feel yourself like a flying squirrel? Try wing suit base jumping!

Memory of the Flight on Awesome Occasions

04.12.2014 594 995

Fly away in the air and land in where you belong to! Actually, a careful and polite jump towards the earth can be very scaring but, it definitely, inspires you as soon as you see the final result.

Freeskiing at Aspen Snowmass

04.12.2014 410 559

This is an exciting movie about freeskier Torin Yater, who is a four time X Games medalist. This guy was born for this sport.

Japanese skateboarder

02.12.2014 9 237

This guy is one of the best skaters in Japan. His name is Takashi Maekawa and he has recently become a new team rider at Herstwood Skateboards from Australia!

Dangerous Parkour

30.11.2014 614 777

Just one little mistake and you can break your leg or arm. That is why parkour is so dangerous.

Surfing In Gijon

29.11.2014 416 407

Check out some surfing in Gijon, Spain, which is a popular tourist destination.

Skatepark in home town

29.11.2014 640 086

It is always nice to come back to a place, where you started riding. It inspired and pushes to keep trying new things.

Tricks By Brain Roddy

28.11.2014 346 847

In this video you will see various skateboarding tricks by Brain Roddy.

Snowboarding at night

27.11.2014 863 537

This is the first time these guys try night riding. They are a bit scary because it is so dark. Anuway, they got unreal emotions!

Climbing-up the Wall

26.11.2014 557 674

Without necessary instruments this is actually tough to climb up a wall. This is in fact, more difficult to ascend such wall rather than climbing-up a mountain upright. Awesome job!

Nice ride in Mallorca

23.11.2014 308 541

Check out this short video about 7 days riding in Mallorca with the AFZ Crew and others.

The Best Degree of Sporting Performance

21.11.2014 768 029

World of sports never cared its boundary! Wherever success could be determined by sportspersons subsequent risks have been strongly overlooked no matter what its department used to be.

Snowboarding at Hochhäderich

21.11.2014 524 128

There is nothing better to do in winter than snowboarding. Check out this beautiful place to ride at Hochhäderich.

Time To Open Parachute

20.11.2014 409 617

When it is 1.5 km left to the ground, it is high time to open the parachute.

Wind Hunters

16.11.2014 264 437

Most people do not like wind, but not these guys. For them, wind is a part of life.

Head Down While Skydiving

10.11.2014 884 279

Keeping head consistently down is not easy. Tunnel coaching that is why; is required before starting the final show. You will also need to be acrobatic to stand out in this level!

Azzen Loewe

10.11.2014 907 507

Azzen Loewe is a young skateboarder from Port Aransas, TX. He is 21 years old.

Maris and Bartek - King of Dirt

10.11.2014 389 470

Look what these guys are doing with their bikes. Not anyone can boast such skills!

Freediving Training

10.11.2014 560 422

Freediving may be very dangerous, so you need to train in the pool at the beginning.

Learn More About Skydiving

09.11.2014 939 785

Skydiving is not as easy as it seems. You need to learn a lot to become a professional skydiver. Watch this video and learn.

Balinghe Bridge base Jumping

09.11.2014 790 835

This is China’s highest bridge, which is 375 meters high. Base jumpers from all over the world come here to jump.

Sam Jackenthal

09.11.2014 362 761

Sam Jackenthal is a potential candidate for the next Olympic Games. Watch his session at Park City’s skate park.

Johann Baisamy

09.11.2014 1 031 534

Johann Baisamy qualifies for the finals at the Burton European Open in Laax.

Perfect Weather For Skydiving In Toronto

08.11.2014 881 270

What a wonderful weather in Toronto this morning! Perfect time for skydiving.


07.11.2014 915 878

Check out this new type of sport – caving. Find out what those caves are made of!

Spectacular Snowboarding down the Tracts

07.11.2014 713 552

Snowboarding requires you to have a lot of preparation including the tract preparedness and checking the mental ability as well as the relevant physical strength.

Try Making It and Make It

06.11.2014 736 710

This snowboarder looks very professional with the attitude while the environment is not looking sufficient to help the performer. Somehow they managed all this.

Early Morning Slacking

05.11.2014 232 874

Some people sleep at night, but this guy wakes up at 4 am to practice slacking before it becomes too hot.

SledDogs's Show

04.11.2014 412 500

These guys are amazing and their tricks are impressive! Snowskating is the next stage of evolution!

Dakar Rally

01.11.2014 431 434

Dakar Rally is one of the most difficult ones. Only professional drivers can attend it. Moreover, it is much harder to drive trucks.

SnowBoarding in Alps

01.11.2014 296 688

This is so awesome to feel the speed while snowboarding down the slope. The slope is empty and you can fully occupy it.

Forster Stout Tour

30.10.2014 420 469

This hobby will give you a lot of adrenaline and unforgettable experiences.

Cloudy Weather Wing Suit Jumping

27.10.2014 851 390

This is something really crazy. The weather is cloudy but these guys still perform their jumps.

Goggles Off

26.10.2014 755 649

Due to the RUROC Helmet System this guy lost his goggles while freefalling.

Jumping People

25.10.2014 891 863

People are amazing! Look at these guys with their Xpogos! Their tricks are really cool. They can jump everywhere they want with no limits.

Perfect Time For Wind Surfing

24.10.2014 650 222

The weather looks a little bit windy and the waves are getting bigger. This means that it is high time for wind surfing.

Amazing Parachute Flying At Phuket

21.10.2014 936 088

Thailand is a place where you can try something new. For example, you can fly on a parachute like this guy did. Look at the view of the island! It is absolutely amazing!

Alaska Wakeboarding Tricks

19.10.2014 166 826

Too cold in Alaska? Maybe, but not for bears and this guy. Check out his wakeboarding tricks in the ice water.

Intense Fluid Rafting

17.10.2014 697 098

Wow! These guys doing intense rafting in the river with deep water level and a high level of fluid in the water of river.

Real Extreme Kayaking

17.10.2014 576 153

Real kayaking is only about getting from point A to point B. It is about performing fantastic tricks while coping with mountain river.

The day of snowboarder

14.10.2014 495 339

Besides of making crazy stunts these guys know how to spend their time greatly. They share drinks, they dance and enjoy their life in full volume!

Skateplaza Kap 686

12.10.2014 575 606

This is an old footage from Cologne Skateplaza Kap 686. Check it out!

Acrobat and Accurate Expertise Come Together

11.10.2014 960 253

It’s not only a Showtime BMX for a great number of viewers but also an acrobatic performance while every participant showed their original style and strength to the best degree.

Climbing in Catalunya

09.10.2014 454 070

Catalunya is a very popular destination among climbers. Every year thousands of them come here to enjoy the rocks and views.

Awesome People Aren't Inborn When They Make It!

07.10.2014 825 240

Some individuals have awesome expertise to show something different and remarkable by means of their physical and psychological significance. They live on earth among us!

Freestyle Snowboarding for Kids

06.10.2014 983 293

Kids are safe and get going home after finishing the freestyle snowboarding competition. This is an awesome project for anyone to start with snowboarding right at this moment.

Jumping Like A Grasshoper

04.10.2014 216 741

This guy is Dmitriy Arsenyev, and he is a big fan of XPogo. He spends a lot of time improving his skills in the gym. Check it out!

Mark McMorris’ Win

03.10.2014 894 625

Check out this amazing performance by Mark McMorris at X Games Aspen.

Weird Tricks

03.10.2014 434 547

Not all tricks are cool and different. Some of them are really weird.

The beginning

02.10.2014 921 803

This is how the first day of snowboarding for most people begins. You fall again and again and spend a lot of time sitting on snow, so do not forget to wear warm clothes:)

Kayaking in Greece

02.10.2014 457 475

Wild nature, rocks and clean river water in this video are amazing. Check it out!

Severe ride

30.09.2014 751 815

This is a short video by Marius Doros. He and his friends are real fans of bikes. This video shows their rides through the dust, forests and mountains.

How To Be The Best

29.09.2014 811 060

If you want to do something unique, the best way is to practice a lot. You can do not need anything special, just perseverance and desire and you can achieve amazing results.

Amazing Hang Gliding

27.09.2014 756 522

This was a short but very interesting and exciting flight. The view was absolutely amazing.

Japanese Motocross 2013

26.09.2014 589 398

Japan is one of the biggest producers of bikes in the world. Thus, it is not surprising that motocross is very popular in this country.

Diving In Monado

26.09.2014 697 338

Dita, Inu, Echa, Aji and Gita are going to dive in Manado. Check out their video.

When Surfing Means the Exploration

24.09.2014 623 340

Ins and outs of surfing have been revealed here. Pure timing, good physical control, adequate knowledge about the local environment, and perfect teamwork (when needed) are the main key to getting all this done.

Swimming In Duren

20.09.2014 953 122

This event looks like a flash mob, but it is actually not. It is an extreme men triathlon in Duren, Germany. All swimmers gather together and swim a certain distance as you can see on this video.

Gran Canaria In Summer

19.09.2014 835 351

Gran Canaria offers a good waves and clean water for any activity you want.

Parkour compilation

19.09.2014 3 687

Parkour is a good sport for those who do not have all necessary conditions for something else. You do not need anything special, just your body. Moreover, you can practice it everywhere at the street.

Skating In Armenia

18.09.2014 266 844

These guys are just starting their skating path, but their performance is already cool enough.

Ski mountaineering in Chamonix

18.09.2014 399 637

This is a short video report about the trip of Julbo team to Chamonix, where Glen Plake taught them to have fun in the mountains.

Motodays 2015

18.09.2014 319 933

Here are some motorcycles and quad freestyle stunts at Motodays 2015. So cool!

Jump From Turbolet

18.09.2014 969 307

Watch this 2 way exit jump from the Turbolet at Peterlee Parachute Centre in June 2009.

January Without Snow

16.09.2014 812 156

These guys do not like snow in winter because they cannot ride their skateboards. However, this January is without snow.

Formula 1 Sounds

15.09.2014 507 849

Here you can compare the sounds of several Formula 1 cars including Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren.

Green Bleachers Skating

15.09.2014 616 338

These tables look so scratched because they are perfect for skating trainings. Let’s hope they are strong enough!

Monte Brento Base Jumping

15.09.2014 990 032

Monte Brento Mountain is a popular destination among wing suit base jumpers in Italy.

Tartu Rally

14.09.2014 987 889

Here are some moments from Tartu Rally 2014. Pay attention to that brave woman that is standing right by the road.

Shaun Donovan Thoughts

14.09.2014 872 097

In this video you will see Shaun Donovan talking about surfing and skating.

Diving in Tahiti

14.09.2014 492 209

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. Its water is so crystal clean that it is possible to see every inhabitant of the water.

Cameras on Skydiver's Head

11.09.2014 502 003

This is really special and spectacular. Taking a camera on head and keeping balance in the air they started diving right away under the sky with sheer excitement.

Improving Scootering Skills

10.09.2014 878 608

It is really good that all these guys do not waste their time in front of computers, but improve their freestyle scootering skills.

Seattle Skateboarding Park

09.09.2014 614 881

This is just some local skateboarding park in Seattle. It is nice that there is enough space for people in this city to skateboard.

World Paragliding Championship

09.09.2014 431 722

Check out this video form the World Paragliding Championship in Sopot, Bulgaria. It was so nice to observe so many paragliders in the sky.

One of the Best Kitesurfers

07.09.2014 400 782

Live one day together with Alex Neto – Brazilian PKRA warrior and best pro rider. He is in the top 5 of the best freestyle kitesurfers.

Ski Jumping Compilation

07.09.2014 610 122

This video is about ski jumping. People train over year just to jump a few meters further than before. It is hard, but really worth it.

Extreme Carving

07.09.2014 818 107

There is no other way to become god at something rather than training. Look at this guy. He has been training for two years and now he performs a perfect extreme carving


05.09.2014 807 093

Salamander ski resort is located in Slovakia. It offers a perfect service and a variety of ski slopes for everyone.

Slacking In Malaysia

05.09.2014 837 139

Slacking became really popular in Malaysia. Here is a guy in Kuala Lumpur teaching some elements.

Rock climber

05.09.2014 588 022

This guy is Ricky Bell and his passion is rock climbing. It is crucial to be mentally and physically strong to be safe while climbing. Luckily for Ricky, he is a strong guy.

Simple but Meaningful Biking Experience

02.09.2014 814 072

Man on a Bike, right? And then…sounds of a mature engine! Yes, this all is about awesome people and awesome things on YouTube. Keep on trying out this; you can be the next awesome one!

Christmas Scootering

01.09.2014 752 196

Christmas is not a reason to stop scootering. Watch this Christmas edit by David Bergmayer.

Wingsuit Flying In French Mountains

31.08.2014 496 167

This is France. It’s beautiful mountains are perfect for wingsuit flying.

Fearless Guy

29.08.2014 275 996

This guy is flying like a bird! Look how precisely he landed. If he made even a little mistake, he could break a leg or injure something else.

Kitesurfing In Wellington, New Zealand

28.08.2014 186 859

The best way to film the kitesurfing is to use a drone. Watch this video about kitesurfing in Wellington, New Zealand.

Freediving In Norway

27.08.2014 978 891

Enjoy watching this video about fascinating freediving and spearfishing in the Stavanger area in Norway.

Canada Fixed Gear

27.08.2014 189 183

Fixed gear bicicles aren't anything new, but they're making a comeback. Never before has standing in one place been so difficult and exciting.

Aggression and Beauty Strike Together

27.08.2014 314 277

Magnificent performance! You can see that the aggressiveness is not quite necessary on this occasion however; Kadir kept on skating, using his multifarious techniques and competence.

Awesome Summer

24.08.2014 217 840

Summer is a great time. When it is summer, you forget about everything and enjoy your time every minute.

Freefly Competition

23.08.2014 237 637

Wow what a nice view! This is the 4th round of Danish Freefly Nationals 2014 Open Competition.

Sincere Performers at the BMX Show

23.08.2014 1 012 272

Participants of this BMX show looked to be here and there with cycles but their strong performances drew everybody’s attention and were proved to be sincere.

Best places to paraglide

22.08.2014 883 077

Have you ever tried paragliding? Of not then you still have one more goal in your life because this sport is amazing. Check out the best place to try it in France, Italy, Brazil and other countries.

Base Jumping Compilation

22.08.2014 269 272

This is the compilation of the most extreme base jumping from all over the world.

Peugeot Competitions

22.08.2014 987 582

This video is a compilation of various Peugeot competitions. It is amazing what difficulties people can withstand.

Alovera’s Beach Longboard Bowl

21.08.2014 854 531

Alovera beach is also famous among freestyle riders for the skate park located there.

Video-on-demand service about extreme

20.08.2014 574 584

This is a promo of service for those, who prefer watching extreme and adventure films.

Sky Diving Self Exit

17.08.2014 422 950

Check out this sky diving video captured over the YOLO county airport in Davis, CA, USA.

Feel the mountain

16.08.2014 1 106 719

When you control your body, you control many things! Like the one in this video, when the guy controls moving out from the mountain.

Extreme Sports Edition 2015

15.08.2014 209 448

Watch amazing people doing unbelievable stuff on this Amazing People Extreme channel. If you want to see more, then subscribe this channel.

Andris Kagis’s Street Workout

14.08.2014 399 446

Strong hands and legs and athletic body – this is all about Andris Kagis who likes street workout.

Freedom In The Sky

14.08.2014 304 888

These guys feel themselves much better in the air. That is why they perform so many jumps.

Things To Do

13.08.2014 394 463

Do not waste your sitting in from of a computer. There are a lot of interesting things to do in the modern world. If you doubt, watch this video that will overpersuade you.

Ride & Play

12.08.2014 66 435

Unbelievable stunts on bikes. He makes them very easy.

Big Boulder Park

12.08.2014 807 594

Big Boulder Park is a nice place for all freestylers to improve their skills.

Freediving in Wekiva

11.08.2014 520 121

This must be so awesome to discover every corner and hole in the underwater cave. Do you agree?

Snow-White Feeling All over The Space

11.08.2014 816 086

Can you imagine anything to be whiter than that? Can you be higher with other things except the skiing won’t allow you to be so? Your experience of skiing right on this tract will tell the truth.

Chile in Its Real Form

10.08.2014 434 210

It’s like an earth report, which conveys fundamental natural resources to be explored and it comes straight from Chile as if the rest of the world is still to discover them!

Professional Bodyboarding

10.08.2014 141 074

Here is what professional bodyboarding looks like. Watch US Flow Tour National Event at Camel Beach.

Passionate Skiing with Snowballs

09.08.2014 781 772

This little experience has a tremendous value. Moreover, it will make you remember the ecstasy you derived from here, in the future. Excellent throwing of yourself into the snowballs! Wao, Gorgeous skiing!

Extreme Sports in 3D

09.08.2014 271 926

This video is featuring the extreme sports on the precarious parts of the world, like skiing on hills, surfing on the sea.

Skateboarding As It Is

07.08.2014 686 026

Watch the skateboarding as it is without any music and editing.

Dakota Longboarding

05.08.2014 368 736

Check out this video by super-fast Alejandro Realpe riding his longboard in Dakota.

Vans gathering in France

03.08.2014 579 574

This video is about Vans European Vacation – a good chance to gather all the Vans French crew together at La cote Basque.

Freediving Techniques

02.08.2014 1 033 881

There are two main freediving techniques: snaky dolphin kick and straight dolphin kick.

Blue Sky And Green Grass

01.08.2014 823 865

Check out this perfect blue sky and green ground. Such a nice place for skydiving!


31.07.2014 66 938

There are very few BMX teams as diverse and as tallanted than the VANS team. Watch them shred famous spots in France.

Escape from reality

30.07.2014 748 775

If you want to escape from reality – snowboarding in Tahoe is the best way to do it.

Professional Wakeboarding

27.07.2014 906 751

Daniel Grant is one of the best wakeboarders in the world. Check out his performance in this marvelous compilation by Gwake.net.

Ski master

24.07.2014 569 853

This guy started freeskiing after many years of successful alpine skiing, so you cannot even imagine how good he is.

Proximity Flying

24.07.2014 916 397

Proximity flying is more dangerous than single one. However, this is not a problem for skilled jumpers.

Motocross Championship In Spain

24.07.2014 613 377

Check out this video from Motocross Championship in Spain. It was a beautiful day with various stunts, high speed and a lot of bikes.

Skydiving All Together

24.07.2014 797 436

How do they fly together? Skydiving is not for everyone, especially who are just afraid of the danger. These participants are not among those unlucky guys for sure.

Best Wingsuit Flying

19.07.2014 895 384

Free you mind and body. Try something, you have never tried before. Wingsuit flying is the activity that will definitely excite you.

New Skate Park on the Schuylkill

19.07.2014 932 785

This video is about new skate park on the Schuylkill near the Philadelphia Art Museum. A nice place to spend summer days.

Dangerous Life

19.07.2014 285 743

Look at these guys! They really know how to live their lives. Of course, what they do is sometimes dangerous, but life is dangerous too.

Skydiving In Morocco

19.07.2014 595 469

Morocco is a country with beautiful landscapes. Thus, it is a pure satisfaction to skydive there.

Japanese Motocross Championship 2014

18.07.2014 256 179

This is a final round of Japanese Motocross Championship 2014. Watch this incredible struggle for the first place. It was amazing!

Skate Park In Singapore

17.07.2014 164 365

There is no standard design for skate parks, so the creators of the current one in Singapore did their best!

Summer Time With Bikes

16.07.2014 1 069 267

Check out how real men spend their summer time with ones’ bikes.

The wekends are not Clean

16.07.2014 875 551

What cab be better rather than spending the weekends doing the thing that you like the most? The folk is motor biking.

Ocean Bank View

15.07.2014 229 910

It was a nice jump out of the plane with amazing view of ocean bank.

New Wingsuit For Alberto Conte

15.07.2014 1 010 237

This is Alberto Conte and now he is going to test his new wingsuit.

Slacking In Austria

14.07.2014 896 281

This is the video from Austrian Slackline Open 2012. These guys are really great performers. Check out their tricks!

Exploring The Underwater World

14.07.2014 496 365

The main reason for freediving is to see the underwater world, which is truly amazing.


12.07.2014 755 565

You do not know what to do on weekend? Here is a great chance to do something new! Try wakeboarding. This is a kind of surfing, which you can easily do at the river.

Chilling and Grilling

09.07.2014 1 095 871

This was a full day of chilling, grilling, skateboarding and filming at Mühlenweg Skate Park in Frankfurt.


09.07.2014 190 703

People all over the world invent more and more amazing entertainments. They fly, jump, ski and do other things, which seemed to be unbelievable only a few decades ago.

School Video

08.07.2014 341 962

This is a video for school captured with GoPro. Patrick Rupert installed the camera on his helmet and shot his scooter tricks.

Excellence in Skydiving

05.07.2014 295 311

If you have sufficient passion, you can stand out doing anything out of the ordinary from almost anywhere no matter if it is as hard as skydiving.

Agressive Kadir While Skating

05.07.2014 713 270

Kadir remains flawless and joyous throughout the hours providing huge energy. Nothing needed to be fabricated and the inline skating was seemingly natural but aggressive.

Filip Dahlgren’s Skateboarding Video

05.07.2014 740 874

Check out Filip Dahlgren’s video about his friends’ winter skateboarding day.

Wakeboarding At Saguaro Lake

03.07.2014 430 085

If you wanna go wakeboarding, Saguaro Lake is a perfect place to do it.

Extreme Sports

03.07.2014 961 548

There are many ways to get a dose of adrenaline. Choose your own!

Wakeboarding In Allen, Texas

03.07.2014 728 690

Hydrous Wakeboard Park is a good place where you can improve your wakeboarding skills.

Bike freestyle contest

02.07.2014 529 956

A short edit of Dirt Ride contest in Altach, Austria. Amazing stunts and extreme jumps are guaranteed.

Riding a BMX in Slovenia

29.06.2014 1 001 399

Vian Bovcon is a skilled BMXer. This time, he is riding his bike at GO-Skatepark in Nova Gornica, Slovenia. The video is filmed by Borja Bovcon.

Johan Berg’s Crazy Jump

28.06.2014 1 052 655

Johan Berg is one of the best freeskiers in the world. Here is his crazy jump.

Crazy freeskier

28.06.2014 545 560

Torin Yater-Wallace is a freeskier from the United States. He is still young but has already won a silver medal at Winter X Games XV. Thus, he became the youngest medalist in the history of this contest.

Extreme Reflex and Rediness

27.06.2014 890 716

This is the potential readiness for a great skydiving event! Acrobat in the air is astounding when you are thrown from the craft. Sweet sun and cold air let them feel the pleasure of a real difference.

Difficult River

27.06.2014 473 475

This time it was not easy to cope with the river. However, it was still exciting and interesting.

Free Ride in April

26.06.2014 561 130

Snowboarding at a ski resort is nice, but free ride is more exciting!

Extreme Skydiving

25.06.2014 504 751

He does something from which he gets an incredible adrenaline rush.

Motocross in Great Britain

25.06.2014 829 442

This guy is talking about motocross Eddy’s Extreme Enduro British Championship series. It is a hard race for real men, which requires good physical condition and strong character.

Lakai and Nozbone

25.06.2014 323 970

Lakai and Nozbone created a nice promo with a 4 years old skateboarder. These shoes are as cool as this little boy.

Young Scooter Rider

22.06.2014 259 404

This guy is only 10 years old, but his freestyle scootering tricks are really cool.

Fearless People

20.06.2014 236 787

Have you ever seen a man lying on the plane’s wing while flying in the air? Or a man jumping from a rock about 100 meters high straight into the water? If no, then watch this video.

Freediving In Egypt

19.06.2014 237 495

Egypt is a perfect country for freediving with its amazing translucent sea and spectacular underwater world.

Parkour in Italy

19.06.2014 1 046 618

This sport was developed from military obstacle course training in France. Sportsmen can use only their body and surroundings to get from one point to another.

Sam’s Winter

19.06.2014 938 906

This little boy Sam is only 8 years old but he is snowboarding much better than many adults.

Street Workout

17.06.2014 772 070

Street workout is something really amazing. It proves that you do not need anything special to amaze people around except your desire and perseverance.

Skateboarding in Guatemala

17.06.2014 249 955

Guatemala is a warm and sunny country. Thus, there are no reasons for no skateboarding all the year long.

Milan Tosic’s performance

17.06.2014 903 217

Check out Milan Tosic’s performance on his scooter. This is really amazing!

Skateboarding Day In Bandung

15.06.2014 1 038 553

On skateboarding day all the skateboarders from Bandung organized a really crowded event.

Philippines’s Parkour

13.06.2014 462 889

These guys from Philippines achieved 100% control of their body. Now they can perform amazing tricks!

Surfing At Vladislavovo Beach

11.06.2014 678 932

Vladislavovo beach is a nice place for those who like surfing. You can find crowded places as well as empty lagoons for good rest.

Extreme in Turkey

10.06.2014 468 543

This short video is about people who like extreme in Turkey. Skateboarding, BMX riding, skating and other sports are popular in this country. Extreme is everywhere!

Slacking Festival

09.06.2014 564 927

Raiffeisen Club Slackline Fesitival is a place where amazing and breathtaking tricks are performed.

Parkour guide

09.06.2014 1 068

Watch this video and learn how to train parkour. This guy will show you what to start from and how to make your trainings effective.

40+ Miles Per Hour

08.06.2014 681 226

Mulholland Highway is a beautiful place for riding a skateboard at 40+ miles per hour. Check it out!

Kevin Burton

08.06.2014 558 707

This is Kevin Burton from Mexico. Kevin is a skilled freestyle scooter rider.

Kayaking to Keep Yourself Going on

07.06.2014 854 147

This is an exceptional kayaking under significant hazards. You can find the enthusiasm in it but make sure you are strong about handling your oar and the body.

Doing some sports in Capetown

06.06.2014 845 750

This is a short video about youth of Capetown. They live a beautiful life and do a lot of sports, including basketball, surfing, motocross and many others.

David Colegado’s Compilation

05.06.2014 984 613

It is really hard to spend a year doing nothing, so David Colegado decided to compile his friend’s and his own footage.

Extreme Sailing In Ireland

05.06.2014 250 888

Check out this video about extreme sailing near Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. To win this race a team should work together like a harmonious mechanism.

Scooter Tricks

05.06.2014 879 170

The weather is perfect with no clouds and comfortable temperature. It is high time to do some freestyle scooter tricks.

Cliff Jumping

02.06.2014 954 139

Cliff jumping is sometimes really dangerous. However, this video is about safe cliff jumping. Watch a series of difficult and easy jumps and enjoy!

Calvin Hill’s Stunt

30.05.2014 909 500

Check out this cool stunt by Calvin Hill and be careful while trying to repeat them!

Summer Freeskiing

29.05.2014 471 071

Here is how freeskiers train in summer. Jump safe and do not break your skis.

Before the Snowboarding Begins

27.05.2014 269 033

This is what they have done before the snowboarding started. Journey to a long distance become successful since they played a lot in the high and wide mountain partly covered by snow.

Wagrain Vacation

27.05.2014 491 701

Wagrain is a nice place for winter vacation. Watch these guys having fun with their Sled Dogs.

Feasible Performance and Save Yourself from Everything

25.05.2014 1 037 740

All of us who believe in the awesomeness of things are not able to expose awesome performance. That is the reason why; we, at least will respect and appreciate such extraordinary performances of others.

Bodyboarding in Canary Island

24.05.2014 516 325

Check out this guy bodyboarding at Canary Island in September 2009.

Night Freeskiing

24.05.2014 219 764

Real freeskiers do not waste any minute. They ski even when it is dark.

On-Skate Derby Warmup

24.05.2014 456 601

Check out this video to see the on-skate derby warmup. If you do not have enough time or space, this is what you need!

Sunday Funday

23.05.2014 534 722

Do not know what to do on Sunday? Well, these guys certainly do. Ask them!

Amazing Story with Bikes

22.05.2014 624 782

Spectacular performance with motorbike makes us feel the enthusiasm to the extreme degree forgetting about the risk or danger it may have ahead of it every time.

Longboarding in California

21.05.2014 7 458

Check out the boys’ latest trip to California for a weekend. It is a perfect place for longboarding with all its descents and beautiful views.

Professional Freediver

20.05.2014 341 942

This guy is a real professional freediver. He managed to dive to 20 meters without any oxygen balloon.

Skatehall in Heerlen

19.05.2014 723 351

This video was filmed at Skatehall in Heerlen, Netherlands. Everyone is welcome to join!

2 Years Of Training

17.05.2014 984 022

This guy is David Barstarzz. He has been training street workout for 2 years. Watch what he has been doing all this time.

William Stein

16.05.2014 469 665

This is just a single of many clips by Arthur Gaer about William Stein skateboarding at indoor park in Boston.

Ignore All Risks and Keep Going on

16.05.2014 1 036 069

Risk stays sometimes behind, sometimes ahead of everything although skills replace the massive hazard. Therefore, don’t try it even on the tract, let alone home if you don’t have skills to succeed.

Shaking Hand In The Air

16.05.2014 693 668

If you think that it is easy to catch somebody while skydiving, you are totally wrong.

Skydiving at Hot Atmosphere

10.05.2014 965 867

Dubai skydiving under warm atmosphere has something different but meaningful. You will never feel helpless on the sky as long as you are having a great spirit!

Sequential FreeFlying

08.05.2014 611 349

Excellent rhythm while three FreeFlyers perform together. They started from the ground and after rotating several times around the air came back there again. Meanwhile it has been a great show.

People Are Awesome

07.05.2014 118 354

2014 Motocross Complimation. Enjoy!

Dangerous Base Jumping

05.05.2014 506 672

Base jumping is very dangerous because you have only one chance to open your parachute.

Freeskiing at Cardrona ski resort

05.05.2014 771 019

Cardrona is one of the best ski resorts in New Zealand. This time, it became a place for Beau-James Wells to show his best at the snowpark.

Extreme Sports Freestyle

04.05.2014 648 438

In this video, a guy shows his amazing skateboarding skills. The control he has on the movement will amaze you.

Masters Come Together for the Show

04.05.2014 402 525

This is not for a newbie for sure, but newbie can join here to enjoy masters’ works. 250 masters not only made this snowpark event being gorgeous but also brought some ceremonial entertainments.

Freeride is Awesome Ep.2

04.05.2014 2 097

Best of Freeride Downhill Compilation 2014 Ep.2

Jenno Jameson

27.04.2014 450 964

Jenno Jameson is really good at skateboarding. Check out his latest video about skateboarding in Bruhl.

House Under Water

27.04.2014 798 423

Scuba diving is even more interesting when there is something special under water.

Wherever You Don't Want the Restriction

26.04.2014 568 277

Extreme sporting can be based on almost anything! You can never neglect anything which you think you are not comfortable with to perform with. Here are some instances that make you believe that you can do it with anything after all.

Summertime Fun

26.04.2014 1 109 958

These guys do not waste their summer time and use every minute to enjoy their life.

Riding a motocross bike by Evett Rolsten

25.04.2014 946 847

Look what it is like to ride a motocross bike across the countryside though the fields and rivers.

Tyrell Cloird’ Story

24.04.2014 614 583

Listen to the story of Tyrell Cloird from Oakland, California, about his passion for skateboarding.

Flying with parachute

21.04.2014 1 066 293

Do you want to feel free and forget about all your problems? Try to fly with parachute!

Skydiving Through The Clouds

20.04.2014 1 115 296

Skydiving is even more beautiful when there a lot of clouds. First you skydive above them and then fall through them.

SK8 Contest

19.04.2014 1 085 138

Check out this video about little SK8 contest on Go Skateboarding Day 2012. The winner received a new skateboard.

Dirt and Roll

18.04.2014 411 523

This is the video from Vans Dirt and Roll is a BMX contest that was held in Czech Republic. Moreover, it is also a music festival.

Wheels of Change

18.04.2014 824 312

Ethiopia is a very poor country and many kinds cannot afford to buy a skateboard. Wheels of Change strives to change this situation.

Great Sporting Exposures!

17.04.2014 321 485

It’s hard to describe how busy the performers are with skiing and snowboarding! Look at their accuracy and strength! Their assembly and deals are as engaging as it happens at the marketplace!

Dangerous ride

16.04.2014 793 433

In this video you will see Lyskamm Solitaire fighting 55 degrees snow slope on his skis. It is really scaring!

Marisquiño 2011

16.04.2014 984 881

Red Bull Fests are the things that are always exciting and you are never tires to watch it. This is the episode from one of them.

Torey Pudwill

16.04.2014 745 902

This guy is Torey Pudwill. He is a professional street skateboarder from California.

Ingushetia Mountains Wingsuit Flying

15.04.2014 612 796

The back view of a wingsuit flyer’s camera while flying in Ingushetia mountains.

Rollerblading compilation by Troy DuZeeuw

14.04.2014 227 036

Troy DeZeeuw is one of the best rollerbladers in the US. Watch the compilation of his tricks.

Snowboarding Tricks

12.04.2014 1 071 150

Aww, it is even scary to watch at this. These people are super brave. Their tricks are awesome!

Story Reflects the Memory of Someone

12.04.2014 1 052 863

Sometimes, your performance makes you become glorious because of getting touch of others. You will try to get back to it as you will feel like you were there again to find someone!

Extreme nudism

09.04.2014 985 609

This type of sport is relatively new and not yet very popular. However, the combination nudism and hitchhiking bring new experience and make you feel free.

Woodpecker Run

07.04.2014 667 484

The guy is snowboarding when the sun goes down. The scenery is so nice. This is such a pleasure to spend time outside at this part of the day!

Freefalling Above The Clouds

06.04.2014 454 409

It is so nice when you freefall above the clouds! You cannot see the ground, just the sky and white clouds!

Winter Wing Suit Base Jumping

05.04.2014 385 526

Wing suit base jumping is something you will never forget. Check out this video!

Skiing in Italy

05.04.2014 764 729

Aosta, located in Italy, is not only a popular summer destination, but also a perfect place to ski.

Airplane Wreck In Kas

04.04.2014 644 642

This girl decided to freedive to Dakota airplane wreck in Kas, Turkey. When she almost finished her dive, she suddenly lost a flipper.

Chris Haffey’s Tricks

01.04.2014 987 775

Chris Haffey knows how to amaze the auditory and the judges. Watch his crazy tricks!

Get Sporting Minds with the Remix

30.03.2014 705 116

Music undoubtedly lets you make up your mind for something! When it comes to observing the extreme sports on videos, you need relevant and perfect music to get all of that.

Calvin Hills’ Tricks

29.03.2014 698 632

Watch this video about skateboarding tricks by Calvin Hill and do not forget to check out his skateboarding shop.

Wheel Sliding

28.03.2014 962 764

Check out these guys having fun on their long boards. Wheel sliding is what they like.

Extreme girls

28.03.2014 507 985

These girls are really brave and are not afraid of height. Look what they can do!

Roller Derby Sport Game

27.03.2014 775 172

This unusual sport was born in 1930s and in 1940s it became really popular all over the US.

Snowboarding in the spring

25.03.2014 291 102

March can also be a great opportunity for snowboarding like here in the video. Huge amount of snow in Czech Republic in March.

Snowy Christmas in Chamonix

24.03.2014 1 030 907

Check out the video about one of the snowiest Christmases in Chamonix. The weather was perfect for those, who like freeriding.

Gran Sasso Freeride

24.03.2014 1 097 855

This video is about amazing freeride at Gran Sasso, Prati di Tivo shot on action cam.

30-second Flight

22.03.2014 627 589

Just 30 seconds and this guy jumps from the bridge and lands under it.

Freeriding Competition In San Marcos

19.03.2014 1 054 926

This video is about the third annual Wham Bam Slide Jam freeriding competition in San Marcos, Texas.

Showtime BMX for Amazing Cyclers

19.03.2014 765 734

It’s an enchanting time to see the flawless performance by number of cyclers. Wet ground could never perturb them from doing the extraordinary job.

Autonomous Riding for Success

18.03.2014 844 217

Unless you are adept in making use of particular techniques, you can hardly succeed moving the two-wheeler likewise. Furthermore, handling all this down the street should be more critical and challenging.

Spring Laps with Fabian and friends

18.03.2014 215 947

Fabian Fraidl is definitely one of the most stylish Jibbers at the moment and you can see this in every move he does. This day was a marvellous bluebird day in the Fun Area Fiss Ladis where he was joined by Parkdesigner Dave Mahnig, Mario Winkler and some other locals.

Bestop Big Bear Lake

16.03.2014 655 631

This driver likes to ride on the most inaccessible places.

Failure Shows Your Mistakes, Not the Limitations

10.03.2014 575 499

Don’t get frightened seeing the failure. It’s a part of practice. Now have a look on how he makes things happen to his way. All you need to do is to feel the difference between two distinct performances.

Unbelievable activities of People

10.03.2014 544 483

Watch these people involving in the breathtaking action performances, which will make you say OMG! How do they do that stuff?

Kayaking Never Considers the Resistance

06.03.2014 251 509

Kayaking is an extreme sport and when you try out this with the variation, it alone exceeds the degree of normality. But, what’s the matter? Should you stop enjoying this or would keep trying to make it more extreme?

Kayaking at Whiteriver

05.03.2014 318 199

What this guy showing his best while kayaking at Whiteriver. It looks like he is going to win.

SLIPPING ON WATER OR AIR, Achill Island - Ireland / 11Ep.

05.03.2014 506 424

Paragliding in the air and kitesurfing on the water. Beautiful view.

Freeride is Awesome Ep.1

05.03.2014 671 326

Best of Freeride Downhill Compilation 2014 Ep.1

Learn Skateboarding

05.03.2014 493 311

Here are some simple steps by Lucy Adams that will help to learn skateboarding.

Summer Weekend

03.03.2014 1 183 007

Watch this one minute water ski edit shot with GoPro. Good choice for summer weekend.

What Is Bodyboarding

02.03.2014 205 838

Bodyboarding is much easier than surfing. You do not need to stand on your feet, but simply lay on the board.

Winter Holiday in Czech Republic

27.02.2014 608 281

Beautiful weather, beautiful snow and beautiful place for winter holiday in Czech Republic.

A Series Of Points

27.02.2014 1 094 206

These guys are skilled skydivers, so they do not simply jump, but try to complete a series of points.

Paragliding Plus Surfing

21.02.2014 891 953

If you will ever have some spare time at the sea, you should try kitesurfing. It is a combination of paragliding and surfing. Check out what it is!

Short Bodyboarding Session

20.02.2014 269 522

This video is about short but nice bodyboarding session at Truc Vert, France.


20.02.2014 815 855

This guy is George and he is 15 years old. He has been skating for already 2 years and here is what he has learnt.

Teo Pruvot Is in a Steady Rhythm

19.02.2014 546 776

This solo sporting activity of Teo Pruvot is energetic even at the driest day when you and I feel the lack of spirit.

Skateboarding in Slow Motion

17.02.2014 934 012

Watch the skateboarding in slow motion by Brian Cook, John Martyn, Casey Buckley, Nick Weber, and Mike Gonzales.

Extreme Sports for Superior Exposure

16.02.2014 777 286

Disclosures of Extreme Sporting means the highest degree of entertainment associated either with extreme sports materials or solely by nominal physical capabilities.

Dirty BMXing

16.02.2014 414 867

They are not afraid of dirt. Why should they? They are doing the thing that makes their life brighter!

People That Have No Fear

16.02.2014 877 970

Check out the compilation of the most unbelievable skydiving and base jumping.

Dramatic Skateboarding Video by Skate and Thrash Crew

15.02.2014 826 429

Watch this dramatic little montage about skateboarding and skateboard in fire.

Fantastic Tricks on Xpogo

13.02.2014 1 037 145

Here is a short video about a Xpogo content. A team is performing a few difficult tricks together. Watch and enjoy this cool video!

Winter Skateboarding Season

13.02.2014 317 851

When winter comes, most skateboarders ride in the places like this. Check it out!

Skydiving In Estonia

13.02.2014 730 952

A beautiful video about skydiving in Estonia from the beginning till the end.

Backfire Shop Session

10.02.2014 926 806

This video is about Backfire long board and skateboard shop session 2013.

Bike stunts by Pascal Blaurock

09.02.2014 961 540

This has something to show you! He is a real professional in mountain bike freestyle. Do not miss his performance!

Brave snowboarders

08.02.2014 598 755

Awww..it is even scary to look at these brave guys. It seems that they are not afraid of speed and height at all. Look at their stunts!

SkyDivers See the Moon Up

07.02.2014 1 061 774

Moon stays up when you go beyond the control of the gravitation. In the high of sky you can see the moon straight away no matter its day or night while skydiving.

Freediving in Tenaya

07.02.2014 624 393

Did you ever think how wonderful the underwater world is? People should dive at least once in their life in order to see its beauty.

New Skateboarding Trick: 6 Stairs

06.02.2014 231 282

It takes only a few seconds to show this trick and weeks or even months to learn it.

Indoor snow center

06.02.2014 475 835

Hemel Hempstead is an indoor snow center, which was opened in 2009 near London. It is a place where you can take your first steps on the snow. Check out Rachael Walsh in there.

Longboard Fail Crash

06.02.2014 585 280

Be careful when riding your longboard. Make sure you wear all the protection you need to protect yourself in case of fail.

Diving Scooters

04.02.2014 985 622

Diving scooters help you to enjoy the underwater world even more without extra efforts.

Freestyle Scootering

31.01.2014 302 651

Check out some freestyle by Nico Schilcher, Clemens Wolfmayr, David Bergmayer and Moritz Pröll.

Wingsuit Flying

28.01.2014 963 204

Watch this wingsuit flying performance from the beginning till the landing.

Winter Time

27.01.2014 1 023 750

Winter is a beautiful season because only in winter you can go snowboarding and skiing.

Incredible tricks in Soelden

27.01.2014 588 949

Check out these incredible jumps in snowpark in Soelden, Austria. These guys are really crazy!

Roller Derby

27.01.2014 1 045 008

This roller derby is a real fight. Look how diligently they try to win it.

How To Practice Surfing

27.01.2014 1 096 346

If there are no good waves or you simply want to practice surfing – this flow rider is exactly what you need.

Friends with Benefits - GoPro Adventures

26.01.2014 671 680

Ski jumping on snowboards and skis at high speed.

Bodyboarding At Seal Beach

26.01.2014 717 430

Even though it is a little bit cold in November, it is not an obstacle for those, who like bodyboarding.

Special Consideration for FreeFlying

26.01.2014 558 416

This is an extreme exercise that you never can do in lands. However, apparently the people who watch it need to be flying together as well! Don’t we fly with you?

Skydive City

26.01.2014 570 955

This is a video from Skydive City, Zephyrhills, USA filmed in November 2010.

Kayaking And Caving In Malaysia

25.01.2014 359 489

If you like kayaking and caving, then Malaysia is one of the best countries for you!

Electric Skateboard

25.01.2014 704 041

With this skateboard you do not need to move your legs. Just stand and enjoy your ride!

Jumping from Nowhere! It's Extreme

23.01.2014 1 096 456

Hey! What a jump! Can you interpret the striking point of this performance? It’s not a onetime effort since the entire activity depends on the consistency regarding his movements in the air.

Paragliding With Engine

21.01.2014 321 859

With this flying device you do not need to look for an appropriate mountain for paragliding. You just turn on your tail engine and take off easily.

Formula 1

21.01.2014 711 295

Check out a short video compilation from Formula 1 GP Monza 2015. It was amazing.

Mountain Biking

18.01.2014 240 328

Mountain biking is a cool sport! It is a little bit dangerous, but if you ride carefully, you will be all right. Do not forget to put on your helmet and other protection.

FreeFly under the Tunnel

17.01.2014 734 321

Tunnel FreeFly is another fun wherever you can expose you from bottom to head. Sometimes, it seems like you are a confined Fly in a bottle moving consistently to escape!

Crazy Trick

12.01.2014 1 046 523

People sometimes do really crazy things when they lack adrenaline. For example, this guy does not care about becoming wet while sailing, so he did this trick.

Hard Work

11.01.2014 347 682

Only hard work can make you a good skateboarder. These guys are working really hard.

Breddas Tricks

11.01.2014 566 165

Gwake.Net is a community for wakeboarders with style. This time, it presents the best tricks by Breddas team.

Climbing The Cliffs

09.01.2014 247 986

These guys are absolutely crazy! Watch them trying to climb various cliffs.

Overcoming Your Fears

09.01.2014 659 513

It is even a little bit scary to watch some of these videos, but those people do not feel any fear. They have overcome it and now are enjoying their life.

2014 KXF World Games

08.01.2014 571 022

This guy is Wan Su Sim. Here is his performance at 2014 KXF World Games in South Korea.

Passionate Skydiving

07.01.2014 780 803

There are numerous ways for flying in the air. This is a terrific journey! After getting thrown from the aircraft it is your turn to land safely. Meanwhile, get all the maps of the landscape!

Final Fight

06.01.2014 396 049

This is a final fight of Glasgow Roller Derby against Leeds Roller Dolls.

Freeskiing at Glacier 300 park

05.01.2014 1 129 576

Glacier 300 park was the only one, where Florian Rumo could freeski because of huge lack of snow all over the Switzerland.

Slacking By The Ocean

05.01.2014 687 808

There is no better place for slacking than sandy beach. Yellow sand, blue sky and fresh breeze help a lot!

Castle Hill Snowboarding

04.01.2014 414 194

Check out Paddy Ryan snowboarding at Broken River Ski Area in Castle Hill, New Zealand.

Wing Suit Base Jumping In Switzerland

03.01.2014 573 444

Check out a nice wing suit base jump by Sebastian “Ardilla” Alvarez in beautiful Switzerland.

Bad Gastein Ski Resort

03.01.2014 836 528

Bad Gastein is a huge ski resort in Austria that offers its visitors 200 km of slopes.

One Life

02.01.2014 681 065

You have only one life, so do not waste it! Make it full of emotions and positive impressions.

Obertauern Ski Resort

01.01.2014 647 785

Obertauern Ski Resort is located about 80 km South from Salzburg. Nice place for a winter vacation!

Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfing Sony FS700 Super Slow Motion 120fps Jaws Peahi 2012

21.12.2013 164 114

Jeff Rowley fearlessly takes on some very big waves

Into the Deep

25.06.2013 45 843

Jumping from the rocks in the bubbling water of the sea.

Skydiving - A tribute from a fresh A license jumper.

19.05.2013 118 557

Watching these men skydive will make you jealous.

Gorce Extreme

16.05.2013 586 320

Active threesome decided to escape the bustle of the city to the mountains.

Freeride Skateboarding

25.04.2013 963 010

Cruise alongside team riders Kiefer Kroneker and Hugo Alvarez as they break their wheels loose through the hills of Encinitas and Cardiff.

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